Useful and Educational Apps

an intro to iOS apps in education

In this article, we explore the wonderful world of iOS apps, and how they can bring mobile learning to your education practice to enhance and improve the learning experiences of your students.  Below is a quick overview of 5 apps and how you could use them:

1. Mobl21

What is it?

Mobl21 is a great study tool.  You can use it to create flash cards, quizzes, and study guides and this app allows you to publish to several different platforms so it's flexible and accessible.

How can I use it?

As the teacher, you can use this app to help your students study.  You can use the quiz function to assess what material needs more extensive review in class, or you can use the flash cards to relay short and important information in a less overwhelming format.  You can also take advantage of the study outline tool to provide an overview of what your students need to know.

2. QR Code Generators/Readers

What does it do?

QR code generators do just as the name suggests: generate a QR code.  This QR code can serve as a link to another website, image, video, or virtually anything else on the world wide web.  

How can I use it?

Using QR codes in your lecture notes are a great way to keep your students engaged, and providing links to sources that offer different forms of media can be extremely helpful in reaching the numerous learning styles in your classroom.


What does it do? is a tool that allows you to create a course and fill it with all kinds of useful tools such as media, quizzes, embedded links, and much more.

How can I use it?

This tool is a great way to provide access to materials and exercises outside of the classroom so your students can access it on their own time and at any place they have an internet connection.  Use this tool to provide study materials like quizzes, or provide links to other media so you help out every learning style!

4. Unifeye Mobile

What does it do?

Unifeye Mobile is an augmented reality application.  It uses your mobile camera and can tell you contextual information about an object, or allow you to manipulate or interact with objects in a virtual context that mirrors the physical environment you took the object out of.

How can I use it?

As a teacher this app would be a great asset to your hands on learners and visual learners alike.  You can allow them movement and hands on discovery in a virtual environment.  And this app is a great asset for your non-visual learners too as it provides a more entertaining and engaging path to learning about your surroundings.

5. Voicethread

What does it do?

Voicethread allows you to take content, and share it with others so they can comment on it verbally and textually.  It opens up an avenue of communication and adds this communication aspect to an assignment.

How do I use it?

Get your students to upload their content onto voice thread and share it with their peers and even parents.  This can inspire a greater sense of ownership and pride, pushing your students to greater achievement as they now have the opportunity to show others what they are capable of doing and creating.

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