Brightpaw was sitting with Swiftpaw and another apprentice. BlueStar would not make them apprentices so Swiftpaw said" if we do something really brave she will half to make us apprentices!" The other apprentice said no and walked away, but Brightpaw stayed she knew his pain. Then when they went to snakerocks to find out what was stealing their prey a huge dog Encountered them. Then as Brightpaw was shocked Swiftpaw stood in front of her, protecting her. Then as she ran up then tree Swiftpaw ran half way up and a dog grabbed him by the back and flew him in the air. Brightpaw thought, if I go down there maybe they will go for me and leave Swiftpaw alone. So then she ran down the tree and gave her self away as a huge down grabbed her by the face, ripped out her eye tore her ear and tore her skin off, she fell to the ground unconscious. Then Swiftpaw got up and stood in front off her as they killed him. Then later on she is named Lostface, then changed to Brightheart. Then Cloudtail and Brightheart become mates. Swiftpaw is also gave FireStar his sixth life. FireStar felt the pain of Swiftpaw's death and he said it was his fault for his death. Swiftpaw said no, it was my destiny.