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ISIS Fighter says U.S. Airstrikes are not Effective

Summary: ISIS is a terroristic group that has been killing many christians. They kill them because of their beliefs. America is using air warfare against the ground troops of ISIS. They are currently located in Syria and Iraq. They are doing this because they are threatening America. ISIS wants to do this to form an Islamic state. It will be a theocracy. ISIS basically tells America that the airstrikes that they are using to fight ISIS are not working, but we are bombing their revenues of oil.That way they will not be able to have any money to stop them economically. They even told the United States that only ground forces would be able to take them out. Isis claims that they have been preparing for air warfare. ISIS also says that they know that the U.S. is using radar to track them, and that they have backup locations if they were to go to those because their base and existence is known around the world.

Concepts Related to the Story:

Coercion, and also providing National Security are linked to the story.

The American Government is using Coercion because of the bombing that the United States is using to "stop" ISIS. They are also providing National Security because they are dropping bombs over ISIS, but they do not necessarily work. The people of the United States support troops going into war and fighting ISIS. We currently have some of our soldiers leading the way to defeat ISIS.

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