How does a Business expand or grow? Is big necessarily better?

(Lesson on Methods of Expansion)

Match the correct image with the following key terms...



Quick Quiz: Which 2 companies merged to form EE?

....and related to this, did you hear the sad news about the collapse of Phones4U? Your big question is whether Phones4U could have benefitted from an earlier merger? If so, who with and why? Notes in the ''Notepad' as usual


Which two companies are associated with this image? Why is this man angry?

....add some notes to our Notepad again, about why the people in the video above are upset / worried.

....and in the next video which is one year on, are there still worries? How did KRAFT benefit from the deal?


First, the surprising origin of franchising...

Let's find out more from 2 of the most well known Franchises...

Add key information now to the 'notepad' about the pros and cons of Franchising...

Organic Growth

A little fun now, draw a flower / plant like the one below and add some annotation about how a Business might grow successfully without resorting to a merger, takeover or franchising!

Add at least 5 reasons behind why a Business might grow organically!