the place were animism began was traditional communities of Africa.

their are know people that I know of that are related with animism

the animism religion has no holy book or sacred text. the animism religion believed that all things living and non-living have spirits and we need to be respectful of the spirits of all things. they also believed one's ancestor serve as an important link between the present world and the spiritual world. call on them for help offer sacrifices to them to make them happy.
animism impact on culture are that the traditional communities that practice animism often demonstrates great understanding of nature and usually show a great reverence for ancestors that have passed on to the spiritual world

rituals where of great importance in animism.

animism refers to the collective worship of spirits and dead ancestors rather then individual gods derived from anima the Latin word for soul


Shintoism place of origin is in japan. their main belief was the spirit of kami exist in all things including there emperor. they have a great respect for the for the natural world especially their emperor in the past

this is there arch way or gateway as you could call it

polytheism based on the kami ancient gods and or spirits. worship and offerings to kami at the shrines and at home punification rituals

they were peaceful and com people


Hinduism originated in India the beginning of Hinduism is not exactly a clean and easy to understand history. there is a lot of cultural diffusion going on with Hinduism mix some of the beliefs of the early Indus river with those of Aryan invaders from the northwest of India.

this is one of there gods

the Hinduism believed in four things other then there gods and stuff they believed in Brahman the universal spirit they use hundreds of gods though. they believe in recantation the belief that you can be reborn and depending how good you were determines you level. they belive in karma and dharma as well

they all live organziend lives because of the ways things work


Buddhism started of in India but the important thing to know though is that Buddhism did not stay in India it migrated to southeast Asia and china and then it went to Korea and japan.

buddism was started by a local prince about 500 bc

this prince was confused by the horrific life of everyday peasants so he began a quest to find the answers he seeked to easy there life. he eventually found the answers he seeked life is hard and full of pain because of suffering if we did not want things we would not suffer that's what they believe. this worked and has help them all in life

Siddhartha stayed under a tree under a try in tail he found the answers he seeks


Taoism began in china it was started by a man named Lao-tse (spelled many different ways). more of a philosophy than a religion it has co-existed with the other ancient Chinese philosophy Confucianism for centuries. thanks to the modern political repression usually from the communist has made importance of Taoism less public.

this is there symbol of balnce

Tao means the way as in the way of nature. the followers are taught to respect nature and all that it brings and to follow the fundamental laws of nature so as to not disrupt the way the Tao one should maintain balance often depicted by yin (earth dark) and the yang (heaven, light) basically don't mess with the Tao and everything will be all right

its concept have had a lasting impression on everything from art to medicine

today there are over 20 million followers of Taoism worldwide most of them live in china Taiwan or southeast Asia


Confucianism began in china it was started by a man named Confucius an intellectual Confucius sought much like Taoism creator Lao-tse to establish a guiding philosophy that would help maintain order in the Chinese culture but he would focuses more on mans relationship with nature Confucianism is more directed towards mans social interactions such as politics and society

modern political repression has diminished the outward public of Confucianism

he felt that life would be great if people just follow this simple rules

one should know his position in society fulfill his role and be content with it.

education is really important if everyone were well educated life would be better for the entire society.

government officials should be well trained for their position and their behavior should be an example for others to follow.

everyone should lead a good moral lifestyle.

the basic tenants of Confucianism become the guiding philosophy of the Chinese culture for many generations.


Judaism was started up in the middle east. it was started up by a Hebrew people of the ancient fertile crescent area. these people wonder around the area sometimes as captured slaves for other cultures before finally settling down in a land they believed was promised to them by god where the kingdom of Israel.

this is one of there symbols

after serving as exiled slaves in Egypt the Hebrews were led by Moses to a promise land which is now modern day Israel on there way to this land they established the main tenants of what would become the Jewish religion they settled into canaan and created the kingdom of Israel.

that's another pic of the star

there beliefs were there is only one god (which is called monotheism) and they obey only him. in addition they would lead a good moral life with justice and love for one another. in return god will send them a messiah (savor) to save them from their sins the ten commandment and the fact that they believe the messiah will return makes them live god moral lives


Christianity began in the middle east it began in the roman province of Judea the old Jewish homeland of Israel missionaries and then the roman Europe spread its teachings throughout Europe. then Europeans later brought it to much of the rest of the world. from out of the Jewish religion many Jews believed that Jesus Christ was the long awaited messiah finding there destiny fulfilled the first Christians now began to follow the teachings of Jesus his followers spread the word after his death

this is Jesus I think. im pretty sure it is

there belief is that first and foremost is the belief that Jesus Christ was the son of god viewed to be the long awaited messiah that the Jews had been waiting for Christians believe Jesus came to this world to forgive their sins and give them everlasting life in heaven. Christians like jews are expected to live a good moral life and treat one another fairly.

this is a cross Jesus was nailed to one pretty messied up right

the rules of Christianity were pretty straight forward and easy to follow this helped Christianity spread quickly over the years throughout history.


Islam started up in the middle east more specifically Arabia more specifically then that in the city of mecca. a prophet named Mohammed started it up in 622 AD after receiving a message from the angel Gabriel Mohammed began to spread the message of Islam. Islam spread very quickly thinks to two things 1)many new lands in which they introduced their new religion 2)Muslims were very tolerant of other cultures traditional practices and many conquered people grew attacked to the benevolent and charitable practices of the Muslims

this is something my teacher thaugth us about but I cant remeber

the main things are of follow Allah in all thing and hold the teachings of the Quran(holy book) above all else in addition each Muslim needs to adhere to the five pillars of faith

this is one of there symbols

the ways of Islam have often become the ways of culture that follows Islam the religious rules often have a great effects on thee political laws and social customs. in many middle eastern societies Islam is more then a religion it is a way of life for the entire culture

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