Mobile Apps for the K-12 Student

Using technology to support and strengthen learning


Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows the user to save files while sharing them with other users. Students may upload documents to the main site making it accessible from any computer or mobile device. This prevents group projects having multiple copies floating around causing confusion.  Having all of your information in one convenient spot only makes sense.


Prezi is a stroytellingl software that adds new flare to presentations. It allows the user to zoom in and out of a 3-dimensional space, bringing a new dynamic to PowerPoint presentations. It also allows multiple users to access and edit collaborations in real time.

Check out this presentation that shows the many features of Prezi:

Popplet Lite

Popplet Lite is an app that uses text and pictures to display them in a visual timeline. It allows the student to plan and organize with visual mind maps. This app is ideal for students that tend to think and create in a visual world. For example, if a student were writing a story, they could use Popplet to build their outline. Popplet makes it easy to add and change plot ideas without having to erase or run out of space.


Rover is an example of an app that helps to open the world of technology for educators and students. A common issue with iPads is that they do not support the use of Flash Player. This handcuffs the user from utilizing specific items that require FP to work. Rover unlocks those restraints by allowing the user to download and use these files on devices running iOS. Rover helps with the challenge of device plurality and over coming the restraints brought by certain devices.

Math Formulas

Math Formulas is more directed towards the high school student. It is an app that holds over 100 formulas for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics. It allows easy access to formulas and includes a place to store commonly used ones in the "favorites" area. This removes the time wasted searching through notes or attempting to recall difficult ones by memory. This way a student can focus on the questions at hand and not worry about simple memorization of complex formulas.

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