The Growing Problem in India

Today India has over 1billion people living there by 2050 they will surpass china as the most populated country in the world. Scientist think the population will reach over 1.8 billion before it starts to decrease.The amount of people living in cities has become a growing problem as people live in over crowded cities with no electricity or clean water. also because of overpopulation more and more people live in poverty, they have limited resources and Health conditions are worsening as diseases spread faster.

How to Stop This

I think the best way to handle this situation is to do what china does and limit the amount of children each family can have this would drastically help. This would help because The amount of children added a day is 1,000,000 kids a day. The  only problem with this solution is what to do if people don't follow the law then the only way to deal with that is to kill off the kids or send them somewhere else which ether way wouldn't be good.

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