Babe Ruth

Chase P.

Biography Project For Mrs. Hemry's 8th Grade Language Arts Class

The first picture is a picture of Babe Ruth and the second picture is a picture  of his number and a plaque

He was born on Feb. 6 1895. And he died on Aug. 16 1948.

The first video is a video of his 60th Home Run  in his career the second video is him getting  Home Run in the 1932 world series

Significant Events In History


People Who Influenced Babe

Babe's brother Mathias Ruth influenced babe

Unique Facts

Babe played his very first professional game on July 11 1914 His real name was George Herman Ruth. he was born on Feb. 6 1895 but spent his entire life thinking he was born on Feb. 7 1894


2x all star 1933 1934 7x world series champion 1923 AL MVP AND 12x AL Home run champion  

Theme of Babe's Life

Words Of Advice

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way".

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2 years ago

Babe Ruth looked up to his brother Mathias Ruth

2 years ago

Babe Ruth played his very first major league game on July 11 1914