Metropolitan Museum of Art
Extra Credit Project

Lea Cawthorne

The Burghers of Calais by Rodin

Cow Skull Red White and Blue
Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe is one of my favorite artists. Firstly, because of her use of color. Every one of her paintings are so saturated with rich colors, that pop off the canvas. I also love her focus on things of nature, like the cow skull in the painting, and her other works of flowers. But, most of her flowers and even the cow skulls have an abstract twist on them, which makes them that much more intriguing. Aside for her art itself, I admire her for being a prominent female artist is a wide range of male greats.

The Town Beach

Anish Kapoor

People are always asking "What makes this art?". This sculpture by Kapoor, though I am not familiar with the artist, this piece quickly became one of my favorites. It is beautiful in itself, the shape, the simplicity of it. But, my favorite part of this is the interactive element.

Self Portrait with a Straw Hat
van Gogh

van Gogh

We love art...

Wheat Fields Cypresses
van Gogh

Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies

Bouquet of Sunflowers

Garden at Sainte-Adresse

The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer

The Death of Socrates
Jaques-Louis David

Aristotle with Bust of Homer

Some of My Favorites

1. Armoire, Woodwork - Charles-Guillaume Diehl & Mounts - Emmanuel Fremiet

2.The Cathedrals of Broadway, Florine Stettheimer

3.House of Fire, James Rosenquist

4.Stretcher Frame with Cross Bar III, Roy Lichtenstein

5.Spectrum V, Ellsworth Kelly

6.Sunflowers, Joan Mitchell

7.White Flag, Jasper Jons

8.Untitled, Morris Louis

9.Outburst, Judit Reigl

10. Rouen Cathedral: The Portal (Sunlight), Claude Monet

11. External Spring, Auguste Rodin

12. Hand of God, Auguste Rodin

13. Madame Thadee Natanson, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Going through the pictures I took of the pieces that caught my eye at the Met, I notice a trend in what I find appealing. Color and texture are two things that run consistently through the pieces. Bright, pops of color, like in the untitled piece by Morris Louis, are things that I find beautiful in art. Even works that are white, like the Hand Of God by Auguste Rodin, have color in the shadows and in the reflections from things around it. Color is so important to any piece of art. It sets the mood of a painting, or tells a story about the focus. Even black and white pictures or paintings, are still affected by color. I find something intriguing and magical about how much color alters things we look at, not just on the surface, but how we physiologically perceive it. Personally, I am a very tactile, and the texture of something might determine if I do or do not like it.

Going into the George Bellows exhibit, I did not know much about his work or him as an artist. When leaving the exhibit, he suddenly became one of my favorite artists. On of my favorite parts about Bellows is how his paintings at a distance look intricate and extraordinary  but when examining them up close, its  a blurred image.

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