Colonial Timesa

Diary of Lauren Pak

I was picking apples under the tree. I  didn't want to do it. Well  I have to do it. My sisters were getting some eggs my dad and brother were chopping  trees down and building the house.  My mom was making butter.  I was starving so I ate one of my apples.  Our house was almost done.  It  was getting cold outside so my sister was making candles our house was finally done. It was a long day so we went to sleep. The next morning my brother had it to  the toilet because he was the youngest.  He did not like it. My sister was freezing outside. She did her last  candle.  She went in side the house . It was late so I went to bed. I was cold. My sister woke early to get the candle because she was cold.  She brought them in and she built a fire. When she came inside I woke up. When the fire was .we felt so much butter. It was 6:00 a.m. I was hungry  so I went out side. It was  freezing  outside. I was starving and my sister was freezing.  She was next to the fire. I closed the door and I sat next to her.  my younger  sister  woke up  she was hungry so we  hurried to get are food. We just  got a little bit. We sat next to the fire again. The end.