Feudal Japan

Guiding Questions:

1.  Feudalism is the bond between warriors and the prominence of religion and characteristic of the medieval periods in both societies  (government)

2. There was a week government and they had to fix it so feudalism had to fix and strengthen the government. The emperor would bargain with other places and give them something and expect their loyalty in return.

3.  Bonsai/Zen gardens- This provides peace and quietness for people to think.

Haiku- Japan developed Haiku poetry, three lines of 5,7,5 syllables.

Noh- Retelling of legends and folktales, actors were mostly men, they were performed for upper class as well as common people

4. Emperors were the leaders but had no real power. shogun & daimyo were powerful land owners that controlled the power in Japan. Samurai warriors provided protection for the shogun/daimyo in return for land. peasants, and artisans were the farmers and fisherman. The merchants were the lowest lass and they made art and other goods that you may not need.

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