I love to play basketball when I am bored. I like ice cream a lot. My favorite subject is math. I learn more in math than I do in my other classes. I get better grades in math than my other classes.

Three things about me


I played basketball for the school. I never really played in the games. I quit this year because I was sick of people saying I made the team because my dad owns a pizza shop. I wasn't very good but I could hit a bunch of threes. I started playing basketball when I was four. I was really good until sixth grade. In sixth grade the couch never put me in until we did the 5th quarter.

I am a Lebron James fan

The first ever basketball game I watched was the NBA Finals the Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder. It was Lebron James first NBA Finals victory. Ever since then I was  a Lebron James fan.

I Bowl

I have been bowling in a league for two years. My highest score is a 167. My lowest score is 66. The most strikes I had in one game is 5. The most strikes in a row is 3. The most spare I have in one game is 8.

My three goals

One of my goals is to be a professional bowler. To be a professional bowler you have to practice every week and curve the ball. My second goal is to help my dad with the family business when I get older. I work with him now but the way I want to help him is to be the boss. My third goal to get better grades in school. The only way I will acomplish that is to study every day.


I would like to go to china because it is another country that I have never been to. I like to eat Chinese food it is delicious. I would also like to learn how to speak Chinese.

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