Alicia Kallhoff

What technology do they use?

The islanders main technology would be their hotels made for english speaking citizens.    The hotels also include call centers which is a big technology too.

What are the seasons like?

Summer lasts from October from March with daytimes highs of 85 degrees, and high levels of humidity, most rain fall occurs during this time. Even winter can still be enjoyable with the average temperature at 68 degrees.

What jobs do people have?

Farming (half of the work force!)


Sales agent

Finical Controller

Unfortunately it is hard to find a job in Fiji, But these are just some.

What do they export?

-Sugar cane is exported to Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, and the European union.

-Refined Petroleum



Who is the current leader of Fiji?

Epeli Nailatikau


-Fiji was once called "The cannibal island" because  their was a tribe that practiced cannibalism.

-Among ethnic Fijians, tilting your head down and avoiding eye contact while speaking to someone shows respect.

Big 5 paragraph

Fijis society is loving and open to new people if they're not disrespectful to their culture. Fiji also has an interesting culture.. back in the day there literally used to be a tribe that practiced cannibalism!

Fijis islands are made up mostly of tropical rainforests, mountains, beaches, and oceans. Sounds great right? It has miles upon miles of rainforests! Fiji is made up of 320 islands and only 110 are inhabited by us humans. Fiji is near Hawaii and new Zealand.

Fiji has a great economy because the islands are filled with forests and minerals, and fish resources. Fiji is one of the most developed of the pacific island economies. Farming is a huge role in fijis economy, employing 70% of the workforce in 2001.

Fiji has a growing rate of technology. There are now schools for engineering and tourism. Fiji has schools that are one of the largest face-to-face deliverer of tertiary education in the south pacific.

Fijis government was formed in the 1970, when the country got independence from Britain. When Fiji failed to pass a budget for 1994 the Fiji government fell in November 1993, But soon gained power back in 1994 after a general election. Fiji has elections which empowers the people of the country giving them say in their government.

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