Q: What do you expect from this course? What would you like to learn?

     In this advanced computer class I would expect to learn how to make  sufficient, professional,and interactive ways to present projects and ideas which will benefit me in college as well as in the real world. As for which I would like to learn is how to use multiple websites which will help me in tasks later on in the business world and to use social media to my advantage. 

Q: If you had to teach a person a tech skill, what would that be?

     I think one of my strong points is typing so I would choose to teach somebody that tech skill! I consider typing to be hard for beginners but with lots of individual practice anyone can learn it! I am also good using the Mircosoft programs such as Power point and Word document as I have used these multiple times for various tasks inside of education subjects and proved to me as being very helpful. 

Q: If you didn't have a cell phone/smart phone, how would your life change?

     It would change my life dramatically because I had certain situations before which I didn't have a phone for a week and to be truthful it opened my eyes to how much we depend on these devices! For example to get phone numbers to places such as your school. Before you would go to the phone book and look it up, but in modern times with a simple click on your phone you can obtain that information so much quicker.Another thing that technology has changed for us is communication. You can literally talk to anyone 2,000 miles away and never even see the person! Without this electrical device however all of this simplicity would be gone.