Industrial Revolution/Sean Koluch/ 1st Hour

This add was designed to look appealing to customers so that it would sell.

              What was the Industrial Revolution really about? Was it about jobs? What about improvements in technology? No...the Industrial Revolution was about business. Anything that was caused by the Industrial Revolution always lead up to making a profit. According to an article by Sunnysuffolk, “Weavers were well paid, until displaced by the power loom. Thus, the employment market was dramatically changed twice in a short period of time by the process of industrialization.” This shows that the businessmen would take any chance they could to make more money, and increase profit in the future. Also, an article advertising a washing machine was made, and this article was meant to look very appealing to everyone, so that they would buy it. While this washing machine was very helpful to the families who bought it, the businesses gained a massive profit. While the Industrial Revolution was originally thought of as a way to make life easier for everyone, and it did, when people bought items that did so, businesses gained much more than the buyer.

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