Interactive Multimedia

Blizzard Bag #3

My Favorite Movie

This is a Blizzard Bag I had to do for my multimedia class at TCTC, and what I went with was one of my childhood favorites from when I was little, and I think you all know this movie...

This was my absolute favorite movie when I was a kid, and I also enjoyed it as I was growing up. They ended up making three movies for this classic Disney movie, and each one posing a new challenge for the toys as their owner, Andy, was growing up from his childhood until the last movie where Andy gave his toys to a little girl in his neighborhood, and left for college, which is, sadly, the last adventure the toys ever had with their first owner, Andy. Thus, also putting the final chapter of a great Disney, magical, classic, Toy Story, to an end, or as Woody put it, " So long, partner."

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