Cuba Global Village

#1 Issue: Cuban Communism

This political cartoon represents how the Cuba's communist government hasn't always been a help to the Cuban citizens. The communist party of Cuba took power in the 1950's, stating that they would bring change to the country. Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro are the two highest communist powers in Cuba. Though Fidel is slowly stepping down and Raúl is stepping up, their ways haven't helped the Cuban citizens very much. The people are still faced with unearthly restrictions and the inability to communicate with the rest of the world. The government has made small improvements by re-establishing relations with the U.S but have a long way to go in order for the country to be completely stable. But, Cuba's government needs to reconsider some of their communist ways for the good of their citizens.

#2 Issue: Cuba's Economy

Cuba's GDP (money the government can spend) is now $128.5 billion. America (which is the country that we are comparing to Cuba) has a GDP of $17.46 trillion. That Cuba had a 1.3% growth from last year's $126.9 billion, and America's GDP growth this year was 2.4%, and their not even in the top 100 of recorded countries. Cuba's inflation rate (consumer prices) last year increased by 5.3%. Compare that to America's 2% last year, and you see that Cuba's economy is having some trouble with their economy. Remember, America's economy isn't perfect, it's just a good country to compare to, since we all know what it's like in America. Cuba's public debt of last year is 40.6% of their GDP, which is relatively good, whereas America's is 71.2%. Overall Cuba's economy is improving and with Cuba opening up for new ideas the future looks only brighter.

Statistics from The World Factbook, courtesy of Click on description above to visit The World Factbook, an amazing cite to find certain statistics for a certain part of a certain country or area.

#3 Issue: Human Trafficking in Cuba

#4 Issue: Immigration to America

A big problem in Cuba is that there is immigration to America, Miami specifically because of the waterway from Florida to the Cuban border. The Cubans try to get a better life in America so they illegally immigrate to the U.S. They go there to get a better job and standard of living. In Cuba, the people there don't make enough money to support their families. In Miami, 25% of the businesses are Cuban owned. That comes from many immigrants moving there.

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