Tools of the Trade

By Nelson Alvarez


Edmodo is a learning management system where you can access your teachers, receive assignments and ask questions. Also, you can collaborate with classmates. Finally, you can access your online backpack and receive assignments you put in there.


Remind is a broadcasting site where you can receive notifications from teachers, bosses, etc. You can receive these notifications by email, or on your phone as a message. You can also download the Remind app. is a design website where you can create infographics in a unique way. It catches the readers attention while supporting important information and data.


Tackk is an easy way to create web pages. It can go from ads to biographies, the way you want it. It saves lots of time and no coding required. It's basically template based to create sites easily.

-Design Cycle-

The design cycle is a basic process used to solve problems. It gives you multiple possibilities and solutions for any problem. Its used systematically manner through following the process.

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