The study of organisms and how they interact with each other and their environment

Abiotic - Nonliving
Biotic - Living

Energy moves in one direction, Chemicals are recycled.

Organism that produces it's own food is a producer and an autotroph. One that eats another organism is a consumer. Herbivore - Plant eating, Carnivore - Animal eating, Omnivore - Animal and Plant eating

Food Chain - shows feeding relationships

Food Web - series of feeding relationships

Only 10% of energy passed on from organism to organism

Symbiosis - relationship between organisms, many types :

Mutualism - both benefit

Commensalism - one benefits, other not affected

Parasitism - one benefits, other harmed of killed

Levels of Organization :





Organ Systems


Homeostasis is process in which living things keep stable internal conditions

Metabolism - all chemical reactions that occur in a living thing

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