5 Mobile Apps

Supporting 21st Century Learning with Mobile Technology

1. TOONTASTIC- On this creative app, students can tell a story through playing with cartoon characters!

2. SOCK PUPPETS- This app is a great way to integrate your own voice into a story. You can have your students create dialogue in pairs. What a great way to get them to collaborate in the 21st century!

3. COMIC HEAD ANDROID AND IOS- This app allows students to create comic strips. What a great way to get students creating content on their own!

4. BUNSELLA BEDTIME STORY- This app is a great way for students to practice reading out loud and then sharing this narration with younger siblings or younger students at their school. This provides an incredible opportunity to foster a sense of community while improving students reading and presentation skills!

5. JOURNAL JAR- This app provides students with a prompt for them to write about with a simple shake of their phone! Cool ideas provided in a modern way!

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