Generous - Lover - Mocker

Benedick's Motivations

I think that Benedick is a generous person because he is always trying to help people. He is a guy who loves love, even though he says he hates love he really doesn't because when claudio, Don John, and leonato say that beatrice still loves him he gets all excited and can't believe it. He is also a guy who likes to mock people for example when beatrice is insulting him he begins to mock her what she is telling him. I think what motivates him the most is beatrice because he thought that beatrice did not like him but he still did love her.

Character's Development

At first Benedick starts off saying that he hates love mostly because beatrice dumped him because she knows that he is a player and doesn't want to get embarrassed when he dumps her, so he thinks that beatrice dislikes him but really she still likes him. He also doesn't want Claudio to get married because he thinks that being with that same person for a very long time sucks. Something that his friends know is that him and Beatrice are perfect for each other so they make this plan to get them together and that makes benedick think that Beatrice still loves him and all of a sudden he likes love again, at the end he finally gets beatrice back and lives happily ever after.

Impact on Plot and Theme

Benedick impacts the plot a lot because of the relationship between him and beatrice if benedick weren't in this play there would be no one to love beatrice but because of him you can see that even though you think that love stinks that at some point its possible that you will love love like benedick. At first he also thinks hero is a slut because he was with claudio and don pedro when they saw it. but right after beatrice confirms that she loves him and tells him to kill claudio he was up for it and the next time he saw don pedro and claudio he says that why they have killed such an innocent lady even though he was right there with claudio and don pedro the love for beatrice controlled him to be against his friends and wanting to kill them just because his love told him to.  

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