Effective communication

General communication skills are the way in which we talk to each other, the way we adapt our voices, the words we use, the way we engage the audience. Change intonation, the way we sometimes have the use of technology behind our general communication and how we use question and answer.

In an office work scenario, when presenting something the person presenting it would often try to engage the audience by making the presentation interesting straight away. An example of this would be to add an interesting image or video to gain the audiences attention. In an office work scenario, using the correct terminology is also key to effective communication. For example, you would have to use appropriate language when speaking to a specific group of people or putting across a presentation. However, when showing a presentation the terminology can sometimes be unusual to engage the audience. The use of technology when communicating in an office environment also helps effective communication.

Interpersonal skills are the skills that you need to communicate with people on a one to one level. These skills can be both verbal and non verbal. Some of these skills include lip reading, body language, sign language, nodding, summarizing, posture and speed of response. Body language is often used in an office work scenario.

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