Financial Literacy

Job and Salary

I am a doctor, and I get paid $76,305 before the taxes are taken out.

Yearly/Monthly Income

My yearly income is 76,305 and my monthly income is 5,404.94. I calculated both by dividing and multiplying.

Monthly Savings

I normally save 3,034.94 a month. And I save 5,737.32 in 6 months. And on average I save 6,485.88.I multiplied my monthly income by the months.


For my shelter I chose a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with the utilities (water and electricity bills) were $747. My car is $419 including the gas (120) and the insurance (75) the car payment is (224) I chose a ford fiesta.It was also an affordable price

Grocery List

All of these things on then list are stuff that is nessasary.


My phone is  $80,I spend around $60 a month on going out to eat, and I have 378.68 for fun money


I learned to not go wild on my money and spend it all. I also learned to save and buy things that you need and less things that you want. And this is important because it is getting us prepared for being an adult.