Dreaming in the past
Jessica Ruiz

As I sat on the bench waiting for a bus to pull over I felt a strong wind in the air. I was headed to the Elvis Presley concert. I had found a really great deal for the tickets. I decided that before getting on the bus I would get a coffee. I entered the coffee shop that I had gone to since I was a child. I still remembered my mom telling me to blow on my coffee so I wouldn't burn myself like as if it was yesterday. "Hey John" said Mrs.Pine. "Hey Mrs. Pine. How are you doing today?" "Good. Tired like always. Old women like me worn and tired shouldn't be working." Said Mrs. Pine. "Ahh... I've told you Mrs. Pine you should just stop working at rest.You have big children that can take care of you and can support you financially. I can help you and take you of you also." Said John "I know..I know. But I just think as the coffee shop as part of me, as a part of home that I'll never be able to get rid of that easily."Said Mrs.Pine. "You may believe it or not but I know how you feel." Said John "Yeah times are hard. Do you want the usual my dear?." Said Mrs.Pine. "Yes Please". Said John. "Coming right up."

As I walked out out of the shop it started to rain. But luckily the bus was around the corner. I jog to bus stop and get on. I find a seat in the back of the bus. I sit with a young woman, maybe in her late 20's. "Can I sit here ma'am?" I said. "Sure." It was the longest rid in my life. It took two days to get to the place the concert was being held at. "We have arrived at the Cornbob stadium for the Elvis Presley concert. If you wish to get off please do so now." Said the bus driver. I hurry to get out of the bus. It was hot in the bus and we all looked like sardines in a can. As I got of the bus the cold air hit my face like a wave hitting your face in the ocean. I waited like everyone also for the security guard to open the doors to the stadium. I waited for a while and nothing. I sat down and watched T.V on the big screens they had outside. They were doing an interview on Elvis . He was get ready for the show and was warming up with his band. People were pushing and shoving. They also had a weird style of clothing. I couldnt live like this anymore.

The Tv's were black and white instead of color. The world during the 1960 was like walking into an anitque shop. It was all dark and old. I have to find my way back to the future I thought. "Does anyone want a free ticket?" I asked. I didn't have time for this I thought. I threw it in the air and ran toward the bus. I have to find my way back to the future. I got on the bus ready to go back to my house. I sat next to a girl with blond hair. As I sat down next to her she told me the following words " I knew you were not going to make it." Then she came foward and pinched my skin. It felt like a sting form a bee. I opened my eye's and I was back in the future. I was watching the Jimmy Fallon Show. "It's all good." I thought to myself.

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