Top Ten Internet safety rules

by: Abby Smith

1. Never give out personal information

2. Never put your picture on the internet unless your parents know.

3. Don’t respond to messages that make you feel unaffordable and uneasy.

this is important  

4. be careful of what people offer you over the internet.

5. Do not give out your password to anyone.

6. Be a good online citizen and follow the law.

7. Don’t go to websites you are dangerous.

8. be carful what you post

9. be careful what sites you go to.

10. when you use others computer member to log out of a computer that others use.

This rules are important because people can track you down or steal your indenitiy. because a lot of people in this world are dumb and when they get the chance to steal something important like your idenitiy they will.The reason why you should not put your pictures online without permission is because agin people could try to steal your idenitiy or could track you down.I think that this rule is pretty important, not going to dangerous websites. This could download viruses to your device which could lead to people hacking your device and stealing personal information. Most important don't cyber bully people and if you do get cyber bullied tell an adult before things get worse.

                                              watch this video for more info

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