Its Long Tom Time

I was born in Virginia in the county of Shadwell on April 13, 1743. When i was 26 i began to build my lifetime house, Monticello which i had designed myself. I did not live much of my life at home. I was a book collector, musician, inventor, writer, & etc. I am a Aries and my zodiac sign is a Pig.

My powerful words have inspired many people. I am the author of the Declaration of Independence. I was the 3rd president of a beautiful country called America. I was president from 1801-1809. I am also responsible for the Louisiana purchase of 1803.

I married my beautiful wife Martha Jefferson on January 1, 1772. We had 4 daughters their names are Martha Jefferson Randolph, Mary Jefferson Eppes, Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson, and Jane Jefferson. I have 1 son named Peter Jefferson. I had 6 sisters. Had three brothers.not includ

1. What was i the author of?

2. What were the years that i Long Tom served as a president?

3. What is the thing i am mostly responsible for?

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