52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

Week 38/Album 38

Who: Guilt - "Bardstown Ugly Box"

When: Late 1995

Why: As my mood changed daily as a kid in high school, so did my musical taste. From punk, to hip-hop and then to hardcore.  The hardcore scene in Cleveland was alive and well and it was regional. It spread from NY to Chicago and down to Louisville.  Most of the hardcore was fast, hard hitting and in your face.... and then there was Guilt.

Where: See below...

Im pretty sure they had nothing to do with that video..

Take me back to Perry's Rock Pile!!  When I bought the Gameface record, I also bought this CD. It had just came out and I believe Perry said when describing this band: "Do you like Endpoint? Well, then you'll love these guys"  Which showed Perry's genius because all he knew is that they were both from Louisville.  The selling point for me, other than knowing nothing about them, is that they were on Victory Records, and at the time, Victory was putting out some of the best hardcore albums to date. Back in the late 90's and early 00's you could trust a label taste. Its not so much the same now, and I dont think Victory has put out anything actually worth listening to since 1999... but thats besides the point.

I took this album home expecting Endpoint, and what I got was something completely different. It was angry. Duncans voice seemed to sound like it was mad at you. The music was mind blowing. It was not the run-of-the-mill hardcore record. It was choppy. It had high points, and low points. It had strange drumbeats that as time went on, I learned to appreciate as some of the best hardcore drumbeats ever recorded (also see "Further"...) This was instantly my favorite hardcore album, and still is to this day.

As time went by, Guilt broke up and I never got to see them live. They were scheduled to play a fest in a gym, but it never happened and I believe Kyle just played acoustic.

In 1997, The band went their separate ways. Duncan started another great band called By The Grace of God, which put out 2 solid albums, but Guilt just faded away.

Then, in 2006 I moved to Denver. Upon arriving in Denver and starting to meet the new people in the music scene, I was introduced to Duncan who had been living in Denver for a while. I was talking to my bass player, Matty about Guilt and he said "oh, well go say hello to Duncan, he's right over there" So we walked up to him, and like a fanboy I fumbled through my words and had enough composure to finally thank him for making such wonderful music. Duncan is a very humble and very kind man, and one of my musical heroes. I am proud to call him a friend now.  

In 2009, Guilt did a reunion show in Louisville, and I went down to see them. They weren't as good as I expected them to be. They were better. Even though they hadn't played together in 12 years, you would have never know it. Plus watching Jon play those songs live on the drums is mind bending.  Completely worth the trip. This video is proof!(Also you can see me in the left hand corner... and see Rob on stage with Guilt too!)

To this day, nobody sounds like Guilt.  Nobody ever will.