My reality life with the Martians

The martians want to know what my reality would be like with them so i told them that my reality would be a whole lot different in their world than my world. so they ask me what i do in my reality so i told them that i go to school and that i played sports for school and outside of school and my main sports is softball and that i working really hard to get out of high school early so i can be a nurse when i go to college and go to Navarro college. They wanted to see what it like to be in school and i told them its tough until you're a senior, it'll be easy then. there are a lot of activities and hobbies and my hobbies and activities are sewing, baking, and playing softball. you have to start at kindergarten to 12 grade which is a senior. so that means you have to work your way up and there may be some bumpy road on the way but you can past them if you think straight and stay focused and its takes 24/7. you may have to stay up to finish up on things so that's how my reality is.

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