Human Rights Defenders Arrested Petitioning the Government of Kenya against 2013 V.A.T ACT

8 activists arrested while preparing for the procession against escalating food prizes.Comrades Power on their Release.

Kenya Police in lorries converged at Tom Mboya Monument to stop any procession against the escalating Basic Food Commodities prizes. Comrade Sakwa and i participated in Radio Show-Easy Fm and QFM where a majority of phone-ins were very furious at addressing VAT Act 2013.Afterwards the procession was dispersed and 8 Activists arrested by Plain and Uniformed police officers attached at Central Police Station

While negotiating the freedom of our fellow activists the senior Police Officer named Mr.Oduma confirmed that he has been informed by his seniors to stop any procession until further communication,it high time we engage Civil Society and former Prime Minister to organize a parallel Rally at Uhuru Park during this Mashujaa Day.

Since this is turning into a Police State,Civil society must raise a Red Flag and assist the arrested with regal representation for civil proceeding against the officers who arrested and injured the protesters.

In the coming days we will have "Hic" Mashujaa Day,time to inform President Kenyatta.Kenya is not a Police state nor are we his subjects.He must face the ICC like any individual,he should desist from pulling this nation towards failed states.

Time to remind him,that out of 40 million plus Kenyans he was elected by a mere 6 million voters only,so whatever actions and omissions he is doing he is risking the lively hood of about 30 Million plus Kenyans.

Time to organize Tom Mboya Reloaded before 20th-October.

Below Ruth Mumbi 2013 Finalist International Human Right Defender,behind bars at Central Police Station