The Perfect Tank For Angelfish

By: Michelle McGrath and Samuel Jennings

The fish we are using in our tank is the Angelfish. These fish are beautiful tropical freshwater fish.They can be found in tanks all over the world are mostly mild-tempered. Angelfish can be shy some times and do require extra places to hide away. Angelfish should not be exposed to highly aggressive fish, however, they can live with other easy going species.

Tank Dimensions

We chose the Medium sized tank with dimensions of 36"L x 10"D x 14"H. This is equal to 5,040 cubic inches which is 2.9 cubic feet. This tank will hold up to 46.875 gallons. It will be plenty of space for our five Angelfish!


For our fish tank, we will be using 3 inches of gravel. This means we will need 1080 cubic inches of gravel which is equal to .625 cubic feet. For every Gallon, we need 1.5 pounds of gravel. So, for a 46.875 gallon tank, we will need 70.3125 pounds of gravel. This is equal to 15 bags which will cost $82.50.

Tank Decorations

Angelfish require many different tank accessories. Because of their shy temperament, they need plenty of places to hide. This is why we have included a piece of driftwood ($35) and some leafy vegetation.  Angelfish prefer tall plants with lots of leaves. We included 5 Corkscrew plants at $1.50. Owners should not purchase decorations with sharp edges as this could easily harm the fish. In addition to the driftwood and Plants, Angelfish like to have rocks to swim around. This is why we included the Asian Pagoda ($25). This will also be beneficial to their hiding nature.

Itemized Budget

Angelfish X5: $24.95

Medium Tank: $225

Water Filter: $70

Heaters: $36

Light: $50

Gravel X15: $82.50

Driftwood: $35

Asian Pagoda: $25

Corkscrew Plant X5: $7.50

Total: $555.95

Total Fish Equation

Angelfish=$4.99 each                     x=5

$4.99x= $24.95

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