About B.J

Burgundie J.

9th grade

May 1, 2014


Mrs. Edwards

Hunt High School

Project Purpose: Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree.

I got my information from : www.google.com , CFNC.org, www.med.unc.edu/.

My ultimate goal!

My ultimate goal is to become an rhuematologist.

A description of my career goal is: diagnose, treat, and medically manage patients with arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. I want to pursue this goal because I have the passion to help kids with rheumatic diseases. The beginning salary for this job is $161,000. The highest salary is $240,000. But the average salary and what most doctors make is $194,000.

It takes about 14 years to accomplish this goal, you have to obtain a M.D or D


The college of my choice

I would like to attend UNC Chapel Hill located in Chapel Hill, NC. The tuition for living on campus is $22,681 (includes room and board) and living off campus is $23,357.The ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college is 14:1. Other colleges that offer this degree is Duke University, ECU, and University of Phoenix. High school chemistry is required to be accepted into this college, and chemistry is required to earn a degree in this area. The minimum high school GPA is 3.7.

Additional Info.

Additional classes I can take in highschool are Advance Functions and Modeling, AP calculus, and IB Mathematics. Other degrees and careers I'm interested in is becoming a Pediatrician, a RN, and an anesthesiologist. In everything I do I want to work with children.

Doing this project has helped me understand alot about my career and how I accomplish it. It was a little frustrating but I managed to pull through and find all the info i needed.  

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