Matter is...


Mass is the amount of matter in an object takes up. You can measure it with a scale: )


The measure of the force of gravity between Earth and an object. You can measure it with a scale.


The amount of space an object takes up.


The measure of how tightly packed matter is.


The upward push on an object by a liquid or gas, the object is placed in.


Allow heat or electricity to flow through easily.


The opposite of conducting


Ever wonder why the sea is salty? Solubility is the ability to dissolve in water. Salt dissolves in water and makes sea water.


Magnets have a north and south pole, opposite poles are attracted to each other, and are also attracted to metals.

States of Matter

Solid, liquid, and gas are the three states of matter. Solids are anything that can maintain it's shape. Liquid takes the shape of it's container. Gases are mostly invisible and are all around us, they take the shape of their container.

Melting Point

32 degrees, the point where ice melts, also called the freezing point.

Boiling Point

The temperature where water boils, 212 f. 100c.

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