Safety Online Project
By: Hailey Mallozzi and Tayler Kneller

Safe Surfing Tips and advice:

Some safe surfing tips online would probably be things like not showing anyone your personal settings, don't accept any friend requests/follow requests from anyone you don't know. You should also never use the location app on IPhone's, IPad's IPods etc. If you do, people can trace your location and you could be kidnapped and many other terrible things.

Know the risks kids face: scams and common threats:

Kids are terrified about killers online. On games like for example, animal jam there are many 7,8 and 9 year olds. Some people out there love o scam little kid. The reason why they scam younger kids is because they don't know what scamming is .

They would want that item, they don't know anything about getting scammed so they say yes to it and give someone there good item, then the person runs away with it and that little kid has been scammed. Once they are scammed the poor kids don't know what happened, I find that really mean.

Kids these day are clueless about what bad things there are. Someone can write what is your address and you obviously think they are your best friend, but actually they aren't and there trying to find your location. They could track you or kidnap you.

3. Protect yourself: Identity, Privacy, Friends Etc.

Don't ever share your information with people online that you think they are actually friends with you, when they are probably a 56 year old man trying to kidnap you. On Facebook, you should try your best not to give any personal information out because there are, thousands of people on Facebook.  

They can find out all about you just by looking at your profile pictures.  The same follows for Instagram. Instagram is all about posting pictures. People out there can find your address when you, possibly accidentally might have turned on the location, they can see what time you took the picture, where you took the picture and also your full name. When this "56 year old man" could figure this out, drive to your house when your alone, and kidnap you or just stalk you.

4. Social Networking tips for teens.

Some tips I think would be good is to not tell anyone your passwords. The reason why I would not recommend you giving your password to anyone is because, you guys can get in a fight one day, and she can go on your Instagram or Facebook and post things that can be very mean or offensive. She can also message your friends, saying terrible and very mean things.

She could call that person bad words and blame it on her, that it was her saying those bad words. When it wasn't her it was actually her "Best Friend" she had a fight with. Then everyone is going to hate her because they think she is the one who is being mean, and that poor girl will have no friends, because her best friend that she got in a fight with is ruining all her friendships. There are a lot of back stabbers out there,  and I think it is mean, and I think it should seriously stop.

5. Other ideas related to safety online.

Hacking is one of the many things on the internet. People think it is fun to hack but it is actually really mean to the person that has been hacked. On games people always find a way to use foul language. I have been told off on a game for no reason, and they used horrible foul language. People should watch out for serial killers. Online dating websites have a lot of serial killers. You don't even know it, until you actually meet up with "Your match made in heaven" that could actually try to kill you, or kidnap you.

Here is a video, that we find very interesting that could help you picture , and also describe Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying, better.

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