Jean Brooks Landscapes

Carefully Crafted Outdoor Spaces

About Jean Brooks Landscapes

For 24 years and counting, Jean Brooks Landscapes has designed, built, and cultivated beautiful outdoor living spaces. Its gardens include a broad range of carefully chosen features that accent a homes natural landscape. Whether it is a fountain, a rock wall, or some colorful perennials, Jean Brooks Landscapes works closely with each client to understand his or her vision and make that vision work with the garden's surrounding landscapes.

Over the years, the company has created gardens to fit in a variety of settings, from lakeside cottages to urban rooftops. Its designs include the children's garden at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where children can play and enjoy a little bit of nature set in an urban landscape. The company has also constructed numerous peaceful outdoor terraces and meditation spots, each designed to encourage people to stop, take a moment to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

One of the many that sets Jean Brooks and her team apart from the rest is that it is a full-service company. Unlike other designers that create a single plan and leave its execution to others, founder Jean Brooks and her team build continuing relationships with garden owners. As the owners' needs and lifestyle changes over time, the team can adapt the garden and keep it a treasured place for relaxation and enjoyment.

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