Jean Elaine Leveque - Following San Francisco

Jean Elaine Leveque

The San Francisco 49ers made big news in their big move to their new stadium home in Santa Clara, California back in 2014. For many years, the team had called Candlestick Park their home field and it was in a state of disrepair for many years. It was among the oldest if not the oldest stadium in the entire National Football League. Getting a new stadium was a struggle and the product of effort of many efforts which took place over the years. Now challenge is in producing a team that is suitable to fill this the stadium with championships. Jean Elaine Leveque is a lifelong fan and devoted follower of this team.

Jean Elaine Leveque is hopeful that the years ahead will provide opportunities for the team to shine like it once did for two incredible decades filled with a number of championships and stories of greatness that are still told throughout the Bay Area today. Their hopes are pinned on a young quarterback and a dynamic defense. They are in a very competitive division of the league which also includes one of the most sensational and electrifying teams in recent memory in the Seattle Seahawks. She plans on going to some of the games, especially if the team is doing well and contending for the league championship or that of the division. Regardless of the team’s fortunes and actual win and loss record, she stays devoted with her variety of gear that is labeled with the logos and iconic imagery of this legendary team.

Making Cookies is Fun

Baking is a hobby that many people enjoy. Some people enjoy taking as a family event and when that family is composed of three young girls, this can be a truly harmonizing activity. That is the situation for Jean Elaine Leveque, who is a mother of three young girls and enjoys baking throughout the year. One of her favorite times of the year to bake is at Christmas time where she bakes family favorite cookies to enjoy and to share with friends. It is one of the gifts that her friends and family enjoy receiving most. At other times of the year she bakes cookies that have unique characteristics from around the world. She is of mixed heritage from the Filipino and Mexican cultures, so she has gravitated towards baking cookies that respect these traditions and cultural tastes.

Recently, she started a little niche business that has really taken off. She has been baking specialize cookies that can best be described as a shortbread cookie with a caramel center. They are then baked in powdered sugar and packed for delivery. She anticipates growing this business in a way that will allow her to expand her efforts and to continue baking with her three daughters who enjoy their time with her. She currently markets her cookies through a website that is very popular on Facebook and has many likes even though they have not been operating for very long. This gives her great hope to the viability and viral nature of the flavor of her cookies.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Baking at Altitude

Many people may not be aware of this, but baking is an experiment in science that is a chemical recipe at its very core. When a person is accustomed to baking at sea level, they may be shocked to realize that the recipes that they once used so successfully are not producing the same product that they once did. For example, baking at altitude in the city of Denver require some adjustment to recipes that are constant at sea level. That is because the higher the altitude we are talking about, the lower the air pressure. It makes for a bit of difficulty in baking from recipes. What many people may not realize is that baking is dependent on the interaction of several ingredients within the recipe. Fats, liquid, leavening and flour are all a part of this complicated chemical procedure. In addition, different types of baked goods require different adjustments to compensate for this altitude.

It is truly a trial and error kind of thing but a solution can be arrived at by following some general guidelines which will help translate those recipes into success stories. In general, foods that are baked at altitude will take longer to bake because of the lowered air pressure. Thus, big times need to be increased as well as temperatures. Also note that liquids will evaporate faster so the amount of flour, liquids and sugar will need some adjustment in order to prevent batter that is off on its moisture content and consistency. Since gases expand more at altitude does will rise faster. Therefore, leavening agents need to be reduced. Jean Elaine Leveque is an experienced Baker that has been doing this activity for 20 years and she recently moved from a sea level environment to the city of Denver where she is constantly working on adjusting her tried-and-true recipes because of the altitude.

Jean Elaine Leveque

The Benefits of an Associate’s Degree

Jean Elaine Leveque

A four-year university can be extremely expensive and leave graduates saddled with a lot of debt. As degrees are now required for most jobs, it may seem like there is no way around ending up with a huge financial liability that could take years to pay off. However, for those who want to save a significant amount of money, attending a community college may be the way for them to go.

Community colleges are much cheaper than a four-year university. Many of them offer great classes, and are a fantastic way to save money and get all of your general education classes out of the way. However, if you are looking to transfer into a four-year university after taking the necessary general education classes, it is important to keep in mind that they may not all transfer. Therefore, it can sometimes be more beneficial to wait until you have received your Associate’s Degree before transfer.

Transferring with an Associate’s Degree helps ensure that all of your general education classes are locked in. Often this means that if you attend a four-year university after, you will only have to worry about taking the classes for your major instead of also taking the general education courses required by the university. Even if you decide not to continue your schooling, an Associate’s Degree looks much better on a resume than simply just a high school diploma.

Jean Elaine Leveque is a technology marketing consultant who earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from a community college in California.

The Importance of Dance

For a long time, dance was in many ways underappreciated. It is important to recognize the impact dance has on culture and the arts. In many ways, dance is a way of giving insight to different cultures and their histories. The various cultures have very different ways of dancing and they can tell a lot about their unique cultures. Dance is also an art form that can communicate emotion in ways that other art forms do not. In recent years, awareness for dance has been shown through the media with shows such as Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance. There is also now a national dance day that encourages even those who do not consider themselves dancers to take the time to appreciate the art form.

Other Reality TV shows such as Dance Moms also highlight the art form. Mainstream artists like Sia have even begun to use dance as the main feature in their music videos. Dance is also something that can be appreciated by everyone. Even if watching a ballet may not be your thing, there are many other styles of dance such as break dancing, tapping, jazz, and other forms. Dance is widely incorporated in big Broadway shows as well. There are many different career options for a dancer and many different ways for them the express themselves. Jean Elaine Leveque is a small business owner and the mother of three children. She has a great appreciation for all art forms, including dance.

Baking is a Blast

Jean Elaine Leveque

While cooking may not be everyone’s forte, it can still be a lot of fun and in many ways is a necessary skill for life. Learning to cook delicious healthy meals will not only make you feel better about what you’re eating, but will also make you feel more confident when it comes to preparing meals for others. Cooking, in many ways, is a form of art. While some are naturally talented at it, others will have to commit lots of time and practice to developing good meals. If you find that no matter how much time you put into it that you are still an awful cook, then perhaps it would be beneficial to giving baking a try.

Baking is different than cooking in that there is less wiggle room. Baking usually provides a recipe and your product often tastes best when you follow the recipe exactly. Baking can also be a lot of fun and can be something you do with others. There are several different great baking recipes that can be found in cookbooks and online. When you first begin baking, it may be beneficial to start with easy box mixes. After becoming comfortable with those, you may want to move on to baking recipes that require you making your goodies from scratch as these are the ones that will taste the best.

Jean Elaine Leveque is the owner of a small Peruvian cookie business. She loves baking and is sure to teach her daughters how to bake as well.

The Aftermath of a Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be an extremely traumatic experience that takes both a physical and an emotional toll. While some accidents are small fender-benders, others can be quite large. Recovering from an accident can take years. It is important for people who have been in serious auto accidents to talk about the event with friends, family, or a therapist depending on what you feel most comfortable with.

Often, injuries occur when you are in a car accident. This could be anywhere from whiplash to much more serious injuries. It is important to go easy for the needed amount of time to heal. In some cases, physical therapy may be required. Following the instructions from your physician will make the healing process go much more smoothly.

After the physical wounds have healed, it is important to get back into a vehicle as soon as possible. While it may seem extremely scary at first, time will only make the fear grow and facing it sooner rather than later can be quite beneficial.

Although accidents cannot always be avoided, doing the right things to protect yourself can help. It is important to make sure you practice car safety. While riding in or operating a vehicle it is essential that you always wear your seatbelt. Never operate a vehicle when you are not at the right state of mind, and while driving, be sure to always pay extra attention to the cars around you. Jean Elaine Leveque was in a traumatic accident herself a few years ago. Being able to talk about the incident with her loved ones helped her overcome her fear and move past it.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Jean Elaine Leveque - Three Keys to Successful Marketing

Jean Elaine Leveque

Jean Elaine Leveque has been working with many companies throughout the Denver area and beyond develop marketing initiatives that have led to market success for companies large and small. Leveque has created solutions for her clients by helping them create these three keys to marketing success:

  • Have a target audience in mind. Jean Elaine Leveque works with companies to define and research their target audience. Every business should have its own ideal customers based on who their products appeal to the most. Developing a marketing plan that will work with the allotted resources depends almost entirely on how well the plan engages with those within the company’s target audience.
  • Integrated advertising. No matter how much of a web-presence a company has, all of their marketing materials, including Internet-based ads, have to be completely integrated into the company’s marketing strategy. Jean Elaine Leveque has helped many companies develop integrated marketing materials that all carry the same message across all media.
  • Media consciousness. This refers to the use of different media to carry marketing materials. Facebook posts highlighting a new product have to presented and packaged in a way that makes them appealing to Facebook users. Tweets have to be modified to work well on Twitter, and so forth. All of these elements have to be created with care and careful attention to the medium they are being presented upon.

Jean Elaine Leveque has been working with companies to craft the smartest, most effective advertising and marketing materials designed to create success within each of her clients’ target audience.

Jean Elaine Leveque - The Rise of Digital Marketing

Jean Elaine Leveque has a unique perspective on the rise of digital marketing. For over 20 years, she has worked as a marketing consultant in Denver, Colorado, a hotspot of new businesses of all kinds using new digital marketing tools to gain the upper hand in their various target markets. With many new businesses starting up in and around Denver, Leveque has cultivated an appreciation for the potential power of digital marketing in the local and national business environment. Leveque has helped many companies use new digital marketing platforms that can be used to easily reach a much higher number of customers with the same content at once.

Jean Elaine Leveque uses the digital plane wisely for her customers. It’s not only about adding to the noise that so many customers deal with on a daily basis when they use web-based applications like Facebook or Twitter to consume their news and information. With so many other companies vying for the same attention in the same space, it can be difficult for a company or marketing professional like Jean Elaine Leveque to cut through the noise and reach their targets. Leveque works to package her marketing materials for the medium they will be using to reach customers over a digital space. She creates content that can be packaged as Facebook posts, Tweets, and other social media posts that can go viral and reach many customers at once.

Jean Elaine Leveque has helped many companies get their social digital marketing initiatives off the ground and engaging customers around the world. With the use of these new digital tools, marketers like Leveque can be all the more effective.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Jean Elaine Leveque - How to be a Marketing Consultant

Jean Elaine Leveque is a marketing consultant working in the Denver metro area. She started working with local companies to help them expand and take advantage of the growing market possibilities of start-ups in Denver because of the rising technology industry there. Leveque worked her way through college and graduate school at various part-time jobs and internships to develop the experience she would need to start a career in marketing, a discipline she knew she would be skilled in. For over 20 years, Leveque has helped companies make the most of their marketing budgets and create more customers for themselves in the long and short term. Here are three steps to becoming a marketing professional:

  • Complete your education. Get a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising and take advantage of any opportunities you can to develop experience in the field. Many marketing managers, including Jean Elaine Leveque, attend graduate school to gain more skills and experience in the field and become more qualified for more jobs in marketing.
  • Be an intern and join professional groups. While you’re in school, you should be looking for internships or other opportunities to work with a marketing firm or in a marketing department. Once you have graduated from school, join a professional organization such as the American Marketing Association to connect you with professionals in the field like Jean Elaine Leveque.
  • Develop your skills and stay current. The marketing field is constantly changing. Make sure your skills and knowledge are up-to-date with the industry.

Jean Elaine Leveque has rolled out many successful marketing initiatives over her long career as a marketing consultant.

Jean Elaine Leveque

Jean Elaine Leveque - Finding a Marketing Leadership Job

Jean Elaine Leveque was once on track to become the marketing manager for a large marketing firm in Denver, Colorado. After she was passed over for the position again, however, she decided to make her own fortune in the industry. She started her own marketing consultancy in the Denver metro area, which went on to help many new and established Denver-area businesses develop marketing initiatives and campaigns that have worked to expand their customer base in Denver and throughout the United States. Although Leveque left her traditional marketing job to run her own business, she still knows how to rise to a leadership position in the marketing industry using these three tips:

Look outside the company for professional development. After you’ve been with a company for a few years, leadership there should be working with you on your professional development. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the pace of this development, you should look for conferences, seminars, and other events aimed at helping marketers with their professional development.

Reach out to the community for help. Again, marketing companies should provide opportunities to prove your skill and knowledge and move up within the organization, but, as Jean Elaine Leveque found out, sometimes the best opportunities are beyond what your workplace can offer. For these situations, look to the professional community and make connections that could lead to future employment.

Take in-house opportunities. Jean Elaine Leveque honed her craft by taking advantage of in-house opportunities to prove her worth. She took on extra work and volunteered for extra responsibilities whenever possible.

Jean Elaine Leveque has created many opportunities to grow her business for herself as a consultant.

Jean Elaine Leveque