World Photographer with a Community Focus

A professional freelance photographer for over a decade, Jean Jarvis focuses particularly on travel photography and environmental portraiture. Although she resides in Piedmont, California, she has traveled the world to take pictures in Israel, Singapore, Italy, and France, among other nations. A certified graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Extension Program in photography, she has also attended such workshops as Photography at the Summit in Jackson, Wyoming, and the Travel Writer's and Photographer's Conference in Corte Madera, California. At both of those events, Jean Jarvis won a Best in Workshop Award. Furthermore, her picture of Oakland Women's Rowing Club was selected out of more than 250,000 photographs to be the centerfold image of the book America 24/7.

In addition to her photography career, Jean Jarvis serves as the chair of the Piedmont Unified School District Wellness Center Steering Committee. This entity provides counseling, support, and education to adolescents and their families. As its leader, she coordinates parents and community members in raising awareness of and money for the Center's programs. One of its biggest endeavors is the yearly Fall Fest 5K, a community run through the city that raises tens of thousands of dollars annually. Additionally, Ms. Jarvis has volunteered her services to the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir, Get Out the Vote, and the local chapter of the Garden Club of America.