Jean-Robert Estime

Guiding the Haiti-Focused WINNER Project

About Jean-Robert Estime

An experienced public policy specialist, Jean-Robert Estime has engaged in leadership roles with the institutional and trade capacity-building firm Chemonics International for 22 years. Since 2009, he has held responsibilities with the USAID funded WINNER Project as chief of party. Jean-Robert Estime guides a multidisciplinary team in the coordination and implementation of a large-scale program designed to increase agricultural yield and accompanying infrastructure, including watershed stability and transportation links. The USAID-funded project recently completed the construction of two reservoirs and water catchments, and nearly 150 greenhouses in the community of Kenscoff. The greenhouses will support vegetables and flowers production and reforestation, while significantly increasing the income of local farmers.

Mr. Estime was an integral member of the Haitian government throughout the 1980s, and he held roles such as minister of foreign affairs and deputy minister of finances and economic affairs. Jean-Robert Estime‚Äôs work with Chemonics/USAID initially focused on efforts in Africa, including the promotion of trade and small business development in Burundi.                            

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