Pickle Tradition-The Great Christmas Fun For Kids

Come the holiday season, adults and young alike plan the best ways to maintain the Christmas traditions while having loads of fun in the process. One great way to celebrate is through pickle decorations, which are nothing like your real pickles. A type of ornamentation for your Christmas tree, it keeps the kids pleasurably engaged for a long time. Parents hide the pickle inside the tree and it is up to the children to find it out. The one who is able to do it the first gets extra presents for his/her pains. Instead of everybody searching together, each has to wait for individual turn to have a go at pickle hunting.

So how did this tradition first come about? It'll be interesting to know about this and armed with this knowledge you'll be able to organize a successful pickle hunting game for the kids in your family or the neighborhood. As far as the origin goes, there is nothing clearly mentioned are available anywhere. Still, this hasn't deterred anybody in putting forth different theories regarding the same.

Some say, the traditions of Christmas pickle originated in Germany but there are no facts to support this theory. Another legend attributes the pickle to a brave soldier of Civil War whose last wish was to eat pickle, and requested the same from the prison guard. The guard took pity and the pickle the soldier ate gave him enough strength to continue living and even survived the war to return home. He's the one credited with the beginning of this pickle hiding tradition, which symbolized good luck and fortune for the person who is able to find it on the Christmas morning.

With so much interest among the families and children regarding the pickle, a wide range of colorful and embellished options is nowadays available at your traditional stores and online as well. Many things changed with time but this essentially Christmas traditions for kids, as it has become over time continue to gain in strength and interest. Hand painted, gift-wrapped, or accompanied with card, numerous options are available to the buyers, each one more attractive or eye-catching than the other.

Sometimes, families may want to make an added effort through preparation of these pickles at home, serving them at dinner to family and guests. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, this Christmas tradition is surely going to add lots of cheers and whimsy to your regular celebrations. An added benefit is that in their excitement and rush to find the hidden pickle, kids will take time to examine every decoration that you put on the tree. This is not possible any other way. In general, there is a mad rush to open presents and find out the goodies purchased.

Now here's a great way to shed light on pickle ornament legend so that the young people become aware of this tradition. This will add to the overall mood of celebration as well. To get the best ideas and options for Christmas tree decorations don't forget to visit the website Christmaspickletradition.com.


Chamilla Williams is a historian and expert on the many ways people celebrate the festival of Christmas. She loves writing many interesting articles and blogs where she talks extensively about the many types and forms of Christmas traditions in practice around the world. Visit Christmaspickletradition.com for all the information you need.

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