Three day in New York

by paul robert

thursday: I took the plane for New York on the night and I arived at 23 hours. I have reserved a room in little hotel, it was a little hotel but he it  was very comfortable. my room was spaciousa and she had a bathroom and table for lunch.

friday: I got up early because i go to meet my guide for my stay. this day i went to visited the statue of liberty. we took the boat at 10 o'clock, i do the file during 1hours, finally we arived on the top I saw a beautifull views, 2 hours after my say me "today we haven't the time for visite another place but you can lunch on a burger restaurant, is the nearest restaurant of your hotel and this is a good restaurant, the staff is very smiling. tomorrow we went to Manathan."    iwent the burger retaurant oon the night and effectivly it was a good restaurant.

saturday: I find my guide on brooklin bridge, this he don't stay with me he just explain where I can to go and what are good or not. I visited a little italy and  i went to saw wall street, after this I lunch on bar after this little stop i recover brodaw to central park. centrale park is the bigest park on a town of the world, lot of people do a stop on this park for relax and see this green area. at 20 o'clock i took a taxi for went to the china town fo lunch, i lunch on a big and famous restaurant it was lot of of people but all had lunch are very delicious. After lunch i come back to my little hotel. And think tomorrow is my last day i go to brooklin and i didn't know we can visit o is part of New York.

sunday:i took my breakfast on my hotel and i went to brooklin by bus but it was very long, when i arrived on brooklin it was about 11 hours and the appointment with my guide was on a restaurant for lunch and discuss what i want to do. for final a do shopping during 6hours after i went to prepared my bag, at 20 o'clock i took the plane for came back. in the plane i slept, eat and talk about my  travel on New York with the passenger.

Today i remember my travel and...    Ithink it's my best travel forever!

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