THE CRUSADERS: The Europeans Battle

Daisy Ortiz World History

A war between Europeans is a civil war - Victor Marie Hugo

1. Why was Jerusalem important to Europeans ?

They were important because it explores the significance and the interpretations of Jerusalem as a holy city in medieval and early modern European textual and visual culture.

2. The reason for the crusades based on your  groups point of view.

The reason why the crusades were based on my group was that they took some stuff from them. Then the needed there supplies and help building things. Another reason is that the Europeans had to to help them and had to give over there supplies.

3. The effects of the crusades on your groups.

An effects is that they had was increasing the wealth of the church and the power papacy. Another affect is that the crusades would demand the people for supplies for encouraged ship building and an extended market in Europe. The crusades brought down the power of feudal aristocracy and gave prominence to kings and people.

4. Your groups perspective of other groups.

My perspective on others groups is that everything was different between others because the crusades had a different perspective on other groups. So my perspective is that

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