Jed Ladin

salesman of Golden Opporunities, Precious Metals

About Jed Ladin

A former salesperson, Jed Ladin previously served Golden Opportunities, a precious metals provider based in Florida. When he is not working toward various ends, Jed Ladin enjoys traveling.

He derives great pleasure from the California landscape surrounding San Diego and near the San Francisco Bay area. He also has visited Yosemite National Park during its less crowded season.

Beyond his appreciation of California’s natural beauty, Mr. Ladin enjoys going to different places across the southern United States, especially Florida. In that state, he especially likes Key West, Tampa, and Sarasota, but he avoids the crowded South Beach region.

In addition to taking trips throughout the United States, Jed Ladin likes to sojourn in Mexico. While in Mexico, he explores the countryside to experience the local culture and history. Additionally, he deep-sea fishes off the coast in Acapulco, where he catches sailfish. Someday, he hopes to participate in horse racing and to go skydiving in Mexico.

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