Jeff Blue - Riot Child

Jeff Blue is the legendary music producer and A&R Executive who, during the course of a career, one that has spanned more than a quarter century, is responsible for giving the world such acts as Linkin Park, Macy Gray, Limp Bizkit, Korn and many others.

More recently he signed the all-girl Swedish band Riot Child, who set themselves apart from their contemporaries by producing and engineering their own music and videos, in addition to writing and performing their own work. Jeff Blue says the band is heading to Los Angeles in August of 2015 for showcases and gigs.

Bassist, vocalist and writer Amanda Nordelius says that Jeff Blue has been instrumental

in getting the best out of the band. "Jeff's amazing experience in developing bands has been essential in our growth," she says. "He helps us in a positive, creative way, encouraging and challenging us to become better writers and producers, think outside of the box, and grow creatively. We've learned from our setbacks and keep getting stronger. I guess that's the idea of a great team."

The members of Riot Child refer to themselves as Amanda Riot, Alice Riot, Hanna Riot, and Nicholetta Riot, and hail from Stockholm. Jeff Blue signed them in 2014, and in 2015 signed two members to BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing. To date, the members of Riot Child are growing fast, headlining gigs and playing festivals, and have established themselves through YouTube videos. Amanda Nordelius is the daughter of the iconic owner of Nord Keyboards, which are handmade in Sweden.

Jeff Blue: From Multi-Platinum Music Producer to Award-Winning Songwriter

Jeff Blue has made a name for himself in the music industry. For more than 25 years, Jeff has discovered, developed, and produced several multi-platinum recording artists, including Limp Bizkit, Macy Gray, and Linkin Park. Currently, he is the CEO of Jeff Blue Music, and is signed to BMG Chrysalis Music.

An accomplished songwriter, Jeff has written several hit singles for several multi-platinum artists, including Hoobastank and Macy Gray. He was also the executive producer and songwriter on the multi-platinum “Queen of the Damned” movie soundtrack starring Aaliyah. With a talent for writing and producing hit songs, the music industry once again took notice of Jeff and his talents. In 2006, Jeff signed with Universal Music Publishing and began working with The Last Goodnight, a alternative rock/pop band from Connecticut.

For three years, Jeff Blue worked with the band, co-writing their award-winning smash hit, “Pictures of You.” The work Jeff did on the album as performer, producer and writer earned Jeff a BMI Songwriting Award in 2009 for most played song of the year. Another single Jeff co-wrote on the album, “Stay Beautiful,” became Australia’s song of the year. Jeff continued to write and produce hit records for artists such as Hoobastank, Better Than Ezra and Emphatic. In the last several years Jeff has continued to write with multi-platinum artists including Neon Trees and country band Parmalee. Jeff recently signed the all-girl Swedish band Riot Child to a joint venture with BMG Chrysalis Publishing. With his experience and talent Jeff Blue will continue to produce and co-write hit songs and develop multi-platinum recording artists.

Jeff Blue’s Extraordinary Career in the Music Industry

Jeff Blue is a well-known multi-platinum music producer, discovering and developing some of the biggest names in the industry. Today, Jeff is working with all-girl pop rock band Riot Child, but it is his early work with multi-platinum, award-winning artists Linkin Park, Macy Gray, Korn, and Limp Bizkit that thrust Jeff into the music industry spotlight.

When Jeff Blue was first signed to work as an A&R executive with Zomba Music Publishing, he had no idea how dramatically his life was going to change. After hearing a small local band, now known as the multi-platinum rock band Linkin Park, for the first time, Jeff signed them, and began developing and producing their first album. After developing and shopping the band for three years, he signed them to Warner Bros. Records after becoming the Sr. VP of A&R. The following year, their debut album “Hybrid Theory,” was released enjoying instant success.

During this time, Jeff Blue was also working with Macy Gray. After recording new songs and developing a new sound, Jeff secured her a deal with Epic Records, where she went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her hit single, “I Try.” Over his 25 year career, Jeff has worked with multi-platinum rock bands The Last Goodnight, Better Than Ezra, Hoobastank, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Emphatic, and many others. He signed Daniel Powter, writer of the hit song “Bad Day” and was the executive producer for the “Queen of the Damned” movie soundtrack. Jeff Blue is currently signed with BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing and is the CEO of Jeff Blue Music He is continuing to discover unsigned artists and helping them find worldwide success.

Jeff Blue Multi-Platinum Music Producer

Jeff Blue has enjoyed enormous success as a music producer over the last 25 years. With his early successes developing and signing worldwide sensations, Linkin Park, Macy Gray, Korn, and Limp Bizkit, Jeff has cemented his status as a talented and professional music producer. Starting out in the A&R division of Zomba Music Publishing, Jeff quickly rose in rank to become the Sr. VP of A&R, providing him the skills and experience needed to become a successful music producer.

Throughout his career, Jeff has accomplished more than most. He has developed some of the biggest names in the music industry, earning awards year after year. He was named the number one A&R Executive in the World in 2000 and 2001 by HitQuarters Worldwide, and received numerous Platinum Album Sales Awards for the hard work he put in developing multi-platinum artists. Jeff is also known for the executive production work he performed on the multi-platinum soundtrack to the “Queen of the Damned,” which starred the late pop star Aaliyah.

Today, Jeff is developing talent through his own company Jeff Blue Music/Rock Shop Music Group. During the first three years of business, Jeff closed four major label signings including the rock band Emphatic, which he secured a deal for with Atlantic Records. Jeff also signed Syndicate to Sony AUS. and Shoreline’s End to Island Def Jam/Mercury. In 2012, Jeff discovered and signed W.E.R.M, after hearing them on the site Music Xray, and is currently working on a joint venture with BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing to develop Riot Child, the all-girl pop rock band from Sweden.