Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle - The Animal Lover

Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle is not just a humanitarian, and his charity doesn't stop with just his fellow man, but he is also an avid animal lover that donates to many charities designed to provide food and shelter to abandoned and homeless animals. Jeff has contributed to the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue charity, a program that helps save cats who have been caught in perilous positions and can no longer help themselves down. Jeff has also made contributions to the local zoo, as well as Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary. Jeff says that animals are often the forgotten benefactors, and that there are many of them that are in just as dire need as some people. As a lover of animals, Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle contributes whatever he can to make sure that each of these animals has a shot at a good life, one free from strife and full of comfort. He and his wife have rescued 3 animals.