Jeff Davis Long Beach

Petrochemical Safety Trainer and Musician from Long Beach

About Jeff Davis Long Beach

Long Beach, California, resident Jeff Davis possesses nearly two decades of experience in the petrochemical industry. He currently serves as an operations manager and safety officer at Beacon Energy Services. Part of the executive management team at Beacon since 2008, he provides safety training for clients throughout California. Additionally, he helps businesses in the oil and gas sector to meet all necessary federal, state, and local regulations.

Aside from his work at Beacon, he plays various rock shows with fellow musicians and friends, and frequently volunteers with community organizations. He makes appearances at charity benefits and contributes to veterans’ rehabilitation through a music therapy program at a local Veterans Affairs hospital. Over the years, he has performed with greats from the Original Drifters and Jerry Lee Lewis’ band, among others.

Jeff Davis attended Long Beach City College after graduating from Millikan High School. He is certified as a safety teacher by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Promoting Fire Safety in the Workplace

Educated in Long Beach, California, Jeff Davis has established himself as an expert in teaching industrial safety. As an instructor at Beacon Energy Services, Jeff Davis taught workers in the Long Beach area, helping them retain their safety knowledge.

An essential part of a safe workplace is fire prevention. Managers should inform employees where all fire exits are located. Because of possible power failures, elevators should never be used to escape. Establish a meeting area at a safe distance and be sure all workers are accounted for. Practice drills can help workers become familiar with procedures.

Pay attention to hazards on floors. For instance, move any clutter from around fire exits. Floors should always be free of flammable trash and chemicals that could spread a fire. Computers, copiers, and other heat producers should also be considered fire hazards. Additionally, it is important to empty trash containers regularly to prevent combustion.

Do not place electrical cords in traffic areas, as such placement could strip away their protective coating and/or cause trips and falls. Turn off all electrical appliances at the end of the day, and refrain from overloading circuits. Make sure the amperage of each cord is proper for each machine.

Check extinguishers monthly, and train everyone in their correct use. In addition, make sure that all smoke detector batteries are tested each month. Smoking areas should have one or more ashtrays present at all times.

Beacon Energy Services Provides Geodesic Domes

A longtime safety manager and instructor based in Long Beach, California, Jeff Davis most recently worked as a safety manager and instructor with Beacon Energy Services in nearby Signal Hill. During his time with the energy services provider, Jeff Davis ensured proper safety protocol for a broad range of services, including geodesic domes.

An ideal roofing solution for many different applications, geodesic domes are among Beacon Energy Services’ most used services. Clients often choose geodesic domes for their light weight and high level of structural integrity, as well as their corrosion resistance and highly flexible design specifications. Beacon Energy Services has designed and installed many geodesic domes throughout its history, paying careful attention to the requirements set forth by App. G, API 650. Beacon also conducts regular inspections of geodesic domes, checking for aspects such as environmental stress, sealant damage, and wildlife induced deterioration.

To learn more about geodesic dome services at Beacon Energy Services, visit

Specialized Trainer Courses at OSHA

An experienced safety professional in Long Beach, California, Jeff Davis served as a safety officer with Beacon Energy Services over the course of four years. Complementing his professional work in the Long Beach area, Jeff Davis earned a teaching certificate from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

A facet of the US Department of Labor, OSHA helps promote workplace safety through a number of worker advocacy programs and specialized regulations. In addition, the organization hosts a training institute that facilitates safety education for those in such areas as state compliance and private business. Among its numerous training courses, OSHA offers several that help train workers to teach workplace safety programs to other professionals.

Those who work in the general industry may pursue a specialized Trainer Course in OSHA Standards, which prepares them to teach both the 10- and 30-hour programs in health outreach and safety. During this course, students learn how to effectively teach these safety lessons using supplemental handouts and informational aids. To qualify for this program, students must first complete OSHA’s Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry seminar and possess no less than five years of professional experience.

Similarly, construction professionals can become certified safety trainers through OSHA’s industry-specific course. No matter which program individuals complete, they must fulfill the requirements of OSHA’s relative update seminars every four years to maintain their trainer certification.

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