Making Math Fun!

Using Technology in Math Class

How can we engage ALL of our students?  How can we make their learning more visible?

How are you using technology and math now?

We can use to generate math conversations.

What math question comes to mind?

Capturing Student Thinking

We can use our iPads to help capture student thinking and help us with assessment for, as and of learning.

Here are a couple of apps to use that are great for all grade levels:


Shadow Puppet

Let's check out:

Survey Time!

You can use this website to do a class survey, give a quiz or create a discussion.

Want even more resources?

Lunch and Learns!

To help you become comfortable with some new technology that you can use with your students I will be holding some Lunch and Learn sessions. 

These will be held during morning nutrition break on Mondays and Wednesdays (Day 1 and 3) beginning Monday January 25. 

I will send out an email the week prior to let you know what the topics will be for the next week.