Jeff Pesek

Board of Education President Jeff Pesek

About Jeff Pesek

Jeff Pesek presently serves as the president of the board of education for the JS Morton 201 School District. In addition to helping the district balance its operating budget, he has brought about a number of vital changes. Through an imaginative and ambitious leadership style, Jeff Pesek outlined and implemented a new structure for the district offices and staff in order to maximize the efficacy of school, teacher, and student support initiatives. He also advocated for the use of the Learning Support System (LSS) in the Morton district as a means of ensuring that the school would not fail a single enrolled student. Similarly, he has worked toward improving the overall climate and culture present in the district.

When he is not engaged in his responsibilities with the school district, Jeff Pesek enjoys supporting a number of national charitable organizations. A few of his favorite charities are the American Red Cross, United Way, and the Wounded Warriors Project. He also supports several charities related to the Catholic church.