Three Tips for Passing the VCP5-DCV Certification Exam

VCP5-DVC certification is administered by VMware and distinguishes you in the information technology industry as a professional individual who is knowledgeable about data center virtualization. It is becoming increasing necessary for systems engineers to receive certifications in specific areas in an effort to put them above the rest of their colleagues. The competition amongst systems engineers has grown due to an influx of people entering this profession. Here are three tips for passing the VCP5-DCV Certification Exam.

  • The first thing that you should after signing up and schedule your exam is printing off the blueprint of the exam. Almost all VMware certification exams have blueprints available on line that will provide you with all the information that you need to know about the exam. These blueprints are the best study guides you can get for this exam.
  • Once you’ve printed off your blueprint and studied it, figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Create objectives for yourself based on your weaknesses and prioritize topics based on how well you know them. This will help you schedule your study time and focus you on the areas that you need to study the most.
  • Lastly, make sure that you are taking good care of your body. Drink coffee before the exam and try and schedule your exam so that you are taking it at either 9 a.m. so you can get a good breakfast in, or 1 p.m. so that you can get a good lunch in before the exam.

Jeffrey Pell is a Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer, who is currently preparing to take the VCP5-DVC Certification Exam.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell - Learning New Technologies

Jeffrey Pell

Learning the new technology is one of the most critical skills when it comes to an individual that is working in the information technology field. Practitioners have to constantly update their skills and reinvent their backgrounds with fresh technology, and it is a challenge to handle both that and one's profession simultaneously.

For Jeffrey Pell, he is very focused on learning new technologies in every way. He tells people all the time that being open to learning a new technology is critical and an opportunity to learn skills that apply in very tangible ways to their career. For some people, it can be hard to accept that their skills might have fallen behind the times. Some people have just stopped keeping their skills current, and others have never really been particularly interested in technology up until a certain point. Thankfully it is always possible to learn something new incorporating an openness to experience and willingness to spend some time learning.

The first thing to consider is to focus on the perks of learning new technology. On some level, it is something that can help simplify the most basic of tasks in life and on another level it can open up the possibility of experiences and skills that can truly advance her career. Of course the first step is to get started and in order to begin you must be in the proper mindset and constantly have to remind yourself how much this specific piece of technology is probably going to affect your life. Thankfully there is no magic in technology from a realistic point of view. All of it is understandable in plain terms, and even things that look complicated, such as programming, can be learned through such handy things as online courses and tutorials.

At the very least, if you somehow do not manage to get anything out of the experience, then the knowledge that you are, at the very least, keeping your brain sharp and tuned into new things should be alluring enough, as learning is never wasted.

The Best Movies of the Year

Every year there are a variety of movies that emerge which contain to be some of the biggest blockbusters of the year. This year there were a variety that came out in a number of different genres. The first to kick off the summer movie season was The Avengers, a popular movie that had extreme success at the box office. Mad Max: Fury Road was another movie that brought in a lot of people. This movie is a reboot of the classic series of the late 70s and early 80s. Still to come are other potential blockbusters, such as Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys, Star Wars Episode Seven (also known as The Force Awakens) and other titles. Jeffrey Pell is a big fan of action and exciting movies. He enjoys going to them throughout the summer months, as well as throughout the year. He recently saw the movie Fast and Furious 7, and truly enjoyed the plots and special effects that were in the movie. Star Wars is a rebooted franchise that many people have waited years to see. Though only time will tell, large audiences that have been standing by, and there is little doubt that this movie will be successful. What remains to be seen is if they will endure the same as the originals. The best performing movies in the theaters are not necessarily the best movies. Many great titles fly under the radar, and there are many fantastic movies that don’t have that same demographic that makes for those well-known blockbuster hits.

Jeffrey Pell

German Shepherds

Most everybody knows what a German Shepherd looks like. They are a very popular breed, and they are one of the most popular and recognizable breeds in the entire dog world. This amazing breed of dog was officially recognized by the AKC back in 1908, and they are known for their energetic and fun-loving nature. They are also very fond of children and have a great training and temperament profile. These large muscular dogs are agile, and they have high intelligence. They also noted for their noble spirit and their reputation for being some of the finest all-purpose workers in the world of dogs. They move quickly and are very nimble and everything that they do. It is quite common to see that a full-size German Shepherd has a very natural walkabout him and easily trots. However in just an instance, that same dog can reach great speeds, especially in the line of duty. It is for these reasons that these dogs are utilized as police dogs, agility dogs and service dogs. Their obedience is well-known, and they are extremely trainable because of their loyalty and intelligence. These uniform animals are fiercely loyal and are known for their protective nature, especially for their caretaker or owner. Jeffrey Pell is a big fan of German Shepherds, and he appreciates all of the things that they are able to do, particularly because of their intelligence, their strength and training ability. He especially likes how active these dogs serve as pets, as well as how well they are willing to learn with an eagerness to have a purpose.

Jeffrey Pell

Thinking More Analytically

There are a number of ways to improve your ability to think analytically. The difference that can be felt through the refinement of just a bit of practice can be immense. Consider that moment when one encounters a theory or question. If either of these is accepted at face value, then there is room for improvement through breaking down the elements using logic.

One important first step is to do a thought experiment in order to examine a concept. One way of looking at this is thinking out a certain scenario that contains options and outcomes that are related to the theory at hand. Ideally, the outcomes are limited so that the benefit of this exercise is clear and quickly implemented. Another way to think more analytically is to validate the facts surrounding imported elements of the theory. In this scenario, it becomes important to dissect sources of information, as well as the insights that certain statistics comes to represent.

An important place to use analytic thinking is in the workplace. In a professional environment, analytical thinking can make a major difference in a variety of tasks. A time when it is particularly useful is when you are faced with a high level project that is quite large. Any project can be broken down into steps and decision points. The greatest benefit comes when this analytical process and method of thinking is applied to the overall picture. This allows for the prioritization of steps and lines of action.

Jeffrey Pell is a professional in the information technology field. He is constantly working in the midst of major technology projects and uses his analytical thinking throughout.

Tips for German Shepherds

German shepherds are a popular breed of pet that are considered extremely intelligent and beautiful. Owners have frequently shared how their pets are fiercely loyal and an essential part of their families. It is important to give a German Shepherd as much attention as possible. German Shepherds can become bored and thus can be a nuisance to others.

Obedience is critical to creating a good relationship with these pets. When you are training a dog such as this, a healthy relationship with the dog is the foundation on which that training is built. These dogs must learn that they can trust and love their owners. Unfortunately, some people feel as though they must be aggressive with their pets in order to gain obedience. In reality, obedience comes from consistency rather than the discipline that you put upon a pet.

Starting out with training is a great investment. This can be an investment of time or an investment of financial means. Training teaches a dog how to behave, but it also teaches the owner how to communicate better with their pet. With the intelligence of these pets, it is important to engage with them in a way that maximizes their minds. Engaging play, structured obedience, and mental exercises are tools of training which come into play. The cognitive abilities of this breed of dog are stimulated through obedience training, and it helps the pet be satisfied with their role and position in the family.

Jeffrey Pell is an avid fan of German Shepherds. They are his favorite breed of dog.

Jeffrey Pell

Sports for the Long Haul

It is hardly a surprise that the economy is something that ebbs and flows over the course of time. There are economic times of great growth, and there are times when things take a downturn. Through it all, there are a variety of industries that have the ability to make it through tough economic times. By the same token, a number of industries will undeniably suffer during times like this. Typically, the types of things that do not sustain through these challenges are those that are based on luxury expenses and endeavors.

When it comes to professional sports, these are also businesses that endure some effect in times of economic trouble. Most people consider football a resilient of sport. It is popular and fans are enthusiastic, games are almost always sold out, and there are massive television deals in the mix. Baseball is another sport that people might also consider to be on the list of most devoted fans. That answer would also be wrong. A number of research projects have indicated that it is, in fact, professional ice hockey that has the greatest devotion from its fans. The sport has endured a number of ticket price increases, and the fans tend to have more affluence than fans of other sports. They also have a younger crowd in terms of overall demographics.

Jeffrey Pell is a sports fan that follows a number of professional sports teams across the country. He is a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers, the team that is closest to his hometown and agrees with the notion that it stands are extremely devoted.

Jeffrey Pell

Doing What You Love

The classic advice for those who are just starting their professional careers is: follow your passion. Something fascinating happens when you manage to find a career that provides you with what you need, and is also something that you love to do. The fact of the matter is that even if you had decided at a young age what you would do in life, you might well end up doing something else.

According to some reports, people may end up working in as many as 15 to 20 jobs within a lifetime, and they may change jobs an average of every four years or so. Considering these things, it is clear that it is difficult to know what path is correct with all of the available job options that are available in the United States. One thing you don’t want to do is to start applying for jobs in a variety of industries because it seems like they might be interesting careers. In fact, you may find that it is easier to figure out what you don’t want to do then what you truly want to do.

The best way to find that perfect match between career and doing what you love is to start out doing something that you love to do for fun. Find a way to make it a career and it will grow into a career that you love. It is important to take an assessment of your strengths as they are good indicators of something that you should be doing.

Jeffrey Pell enjoys working in his career and has a high degree of career satisfaction because of his early choices.

Jeffrey Pell

Lehigh Valley’s Top Three Attractions for Visitors

Lehigh Valley is the area that includes the Lehigh, Carbon, and Northampton counties along the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border. The major towns in the Lehigh Valley, or The Valley as it is known locally, are Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. Those traveling to New York, New Jersey, and parts of New England visit this area often. It is a great place to stop and rest. Here are three of Lehigh Valley’s top attractions for visitors.

Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth is a phenomenal place to stop and stretch your legs after spending hours in the car. The park is popular with experienced climbers, and his home to a host of different trails. This is a fun place to go with your family, and is equestrian friendly. You will walk along beautiful tree-lined trails and past creeks.

Dutch Springs Aqua Park in Bethlehem is a great and cheap way to spend a sunny and warm day. Bring some beach chairs and get there a little earlier in the day. You can print $3 off coupons from the parks site. This is a great place for people with families and kids of all ages. This isn't only a kid's park, though, as parents thoroughly enjoy the park's water entertainment.

The Allentown Art Museum is a nice museum to visit on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Admission is free, even for the special exhibitions. The museum offers a variety of artistic styles for viewers to experience, including architect, sculptures, different styles of painting, and much more. The museum even exhibits some resident artwork.

Jeffrey Pell was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania and still lives there today. He is a Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer.

Jeffrey Pell

Three Tips for Preparing for the MCSE Certification Exam

The MCSE Certification Exam is for those who wish to become certified in the use of the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, desktop related programs, networking, and Microsoft's Back Office server products. Passing the exam requires you to undergo a number of training courses that prepare you for the exam. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for the exam.

  • Having practical experience that you can apply to the information covered in the courses, and the exam will provide an immense amount of help when it comes to passing the exam. A lot of the questions on the MCSE Certification Exam involve solving practical problems, and if you have practical experience, you will find those types of questions a bit easier.
  • Take as many MCSE practice exams as you can. This will help you get the experience you need to pass the exam. You will know what to expect once the real exam comes up, and can help you discover what topics you are strong in and the areas that you need to work on. Doing a number of practice exams will inform you if you are adequately prepared for the real thing.
  • Schedule your exam so that you take it during a time of the day where you feel at your peak. Generally speaking, the morning is the optimal time of the day to take the exam because you won't be sitting around all day waiting for the exam to start. Scheduling an exam for a weekday is advisable because there will be fewer people taking the exam then.

Jeffrey Pell passed the MCSE Certification Exam in 2007. He is a Senior Systems Engineer with Weidenhammer.

Southern Dill Potato Salad

Potato Salad is one of the most popular side dishes in the United States. It is an excellent dish to bring to dinner parties, barbecues, and other large group gatherings. It is easy to make and delicious. There are many different variations of potato salad, and this one is a southern style potato salad with an extra tang to it. Here are the ingredients that you will need.

Ten unpeeled red potatoes
½ a finely chopped white onion.
Five roughly chopped hard boiled eggs
¾ of a cup of sour cream
One teaspoon of celery salt
Salt and Pepper to your taste
¾ cup of mayo
One tablespoon of dried dill weed
One tablespoon of Dijon Mustard
One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
One Stalk of finely chopped celery

Place the unpeeled red potatoes in a large pot and cover them with water. Bring the water to a boil over a high heat and reduce the heat to medium-low so that that the water is simmering. Cook for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked all the way through but are still firm. Remove the potatoes from the water and let them cool down before cutting them into chunks and setting them aside.

In a bowl, combine the mayo, apple cider vinegar, sour cream, Dijon mustard, celery, celery salt, onion, and salt and pepper. Stir together well so all the ingredients are combined. Now place the eggs and potato into a large salad bowl and drizzle with dried dill. Pour the sour cream and mayo combination of all the other ingredients onto the potatoes and eggs and stir lightly. Cover the salad bowl and refrigerate the potato salad at least 30 minutes so that it is cold when you serve it.

Jeffrey Pell is a Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He enjoys cooking in his free time.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell: Being Able to Adapt in the Information Technology Industry

Jeffrey Pell is nothing short of an expert when it comes to the realm of information technology services. He is currently serving as the Senior Systems Engineer and Network Engineer for a major firm in Pennsylvania called Weidenhammer. He provides strategic oversight and tactical direction for his clients in order to introduce, implement, and support products and services his company can provide. He has been working for the firm for over a year, and has greatly proven why he is such a valuable asset in the field. He has the reputation for being an excellent problem solver, and for being adaptable regarding the constant changes of the industry itself. A professional within any technology field must be willing to learn new tricks to the trade in order to stay successful in the industry.

Technology, and therefore the information technology industry, is in a constant state of technological change. New companies rise and fall on a regular basis, new software is constantly changing the way devices operate, and new systems are making it easier and easier for companies to conduct their businesses with less man power. Jeffrey Pell understands that the key to success in the world of information technology is adaptation. A professional within any technological field must be willing to adapt to an ever-changing market due to the immense amount advancements experts continue to make in the field. Information technology professionals must always be learning about industry trends in order to remain successful in their current career fields.

Despite the difficulty of working in an ever-changing environment, many people have become extremely successful in the field. It takes a mind that is analytical, and a natural when it comes to problem solving in order to be successful in the information technology industry. A successful professional will constantly keep up with the advancements being made in the industry, as well as how they can be applied to make their clients’ lives easier on the job. They will also have a commitment to learning new industry trends every few months in order to stay ahead of game in regards to his competitors and peers in the field. Adapting in this way is the only way to survive in the industry today; without constant adaptation, technology will leave you in the past.

Jeffrey Pell is no stranger to adaptation, as he has been working in the field of information technology since he graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, beginning his career in the early 2000s. He is certified in a number of fields, and is even known to work on software developments on his own time. He is dedicated to understanding all he can in his current career field.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell - Committed to Continuously Learning Technological Advancements

Jeffrey Pell is a dedicated, determined, and committed professional who is currently working within the realm of information technology. He is currently serving as the Senior Systems Engineer and Network Engineer for a major firm operating in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania called Weidenhammer. He is dedicated to serving his clients to the best of his ability, and makes it a point to stay up to date on the latest advancements being made within the industry. Being a professional within the information technology industry means being able to adapt in a short period of time due to the ever-changing nature of the field. You have to be committed to constantly learning new industry trends, device technology, and software updates that your clients will want to take advantage of.

Not only is Jeffrey Pell committed to learning all he can about his industry, but he is also committed to teaching his clients the best ways to support their highly advanced information and technology systems. As the Network and Systems Engineer, he is responsible for keep his clients’ environments available, performing at the highest levels possible, keeping them private, secure, and reliable, and he must be able to keep up with growth demands and capacity changes. Every professional within the information technology field must be willing to do what it takes to adapt to constant change. Technology is not only advancing fast, but it’s also changing at a faster rate every year. It is important to maintain current knowledge regarding the field, and being able to use that knowledge in a practical manner.

Jeffrey Pell is always learning as much as he possibly can regarding the latest trends in the industry. He prides himself on being the go-to professional when both his company and his clients alike have technological issues that they can’t solve themselves.

Jeffrey Pell - How to be Successful in the Information Technology Field

Jeffrey Pell is fully dedicated to his career in the world of information technologies. He is currently serving as the Senior Systems Engineer for Weidenhammer, a major technological support firm operating in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. He has been serving in the field since he graduated from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, and started his career with Datalink as a Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Senior Systems Administrator in 2001. Ever since he began his career in the field, he has thoroughly enjoyed helping his clients solve their technological issues. He understands what it takes to be successful in such a highly competitive field, and is willing to do what it takes to rise through the ranks of his industry.

The world of technology is, and forever will be, in a constant state of change. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate that only continues to get more rapid each year. New devices, new software technology, and entirely new operating systems come out multiple times a year, which means that information technology professionals have to stay up to date on all the latest trends in their industry. Keeping up to date on the latest trends in the industry is the key to being a successful information technology professional. Jeffrey Pell makes it a point to take the time to learn all he can about system updates and like in order to serve his clients in a more efficient manner. Businesses want the latest in terms of technology, and it is up to companies like Weidenhammer to supply them with the services they require.

Jeffrey Pell understands what it takes to be successful in the industry, and is willing to take time out of his personal life in order to remain up to speed.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell - The Knowledge of the Information Technology Professional

Jeffrey Pell has spent around 15 years working and advancing through the information technology industry. He is currently working in a leadership position for a major firm based in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania called Weidenhammer. The position is Senior Systems Engineer, and he is responsible for providing overall operational support to his clients on a regular basis. He ensures that all systems are performing at their highest level possible, that the environments are available, private, secure, and reliable, and he is expected to meet any capacity changes in new growth requirements that may arise. He has a great deal of knowledge in the field, and even spends his free time honing his skills to better perform on the job.

In order to be successful in the world of information technology, one must have a great deal of skill in the realm of computers. Professionals like Jeffrey Pell are more than proficient when it comes to Microsoft Exchange, firewalls, VMware, routing, disaster recovery, strategic planning, software development, Windows server, and many other topics as well. He has prepared for a successful career in technology since he began his college education, and always keeps up to date on the latest trends in his industry. A good technology professional will also have an eye for detail when it comes to troubleshooting for their clients in order to get everything working as it should. They must also be able to solve problems on the spot in order to keep their clients happy.

Jeffrey Pell is dedicated to his career in the realm of information technology, and hopes to continue to climb the ranks to an even more prominent position in the field. He thoroughly enjoys fixing things for people so that they can get better manage their businesses.

Jeffrey Pell on the Need for Workplace Monitoring

According to Jeffrey Pell, an expert network engineer in Pennsylvania, workplace monitoring has changed greatly over the last three decades. It used to be that most workplaces were monitored by a supervisor who was on the floor, near his or her employees. They watched their employees for productivity and correct workplace behavior. With the many technological breakthroughs and changes that have impacted the typical workplace, that is no longer enough for many corporations.

The idea of ordinary employees who are in offices, sitting in cubicles from nine to five has become somewhat passé. Today, a percentage of the population does not even have to leave their home to accomplish their daily work. Between employees who telecommute and those who are required to spend their day at a computer in any location, the need to monitor them accurately has become crucial to any business.

Even for employees who are truly trying to operate above board and follow company policies, issues of safety and security can arise. The benefits of technological progress also brought with a number of downsides, including security risks. Being able to interface and communicate with others half way around the world was a boon for all businesses, but it also means that others can do the same with you and your company's sensitive information.

To overcome these newest challenges, network engineers and system developers like Pell work with businesses to develop workplace monitoring that is effective and relevant to the twenty-first century. These monitoring programs allow management and those tasked with supervision to keep track of their employee's performance and productivity, no matter where the employee happens to be.

These programs also monitor the electronic communications and systems the employee is accessing while on the clock. This can result in catching an employee playing a game when her or she is supposed to be working, or it could mean stopping that employee from sharing corporate information with a competitor.

There are other reasons why the newest forms of workplace monitoring are creating safe alternatives for businesses. Many employees are now asked or forced to communicate via email, even if the person they are writing is in the same building. With the growth of harassment issues that have arisen as of late, proper electronic workplace monitoring can help prevent a misconstrued or improper communication between employees.

There are some concerns regarding employee privacy that arise when information technology specialists and software programs serve as corporate watchdogs. Jeffrey Pell explains that the laws governing an employee's right to privacy while at work or using an employer's facilities have not been created or finalized. This means that all employees should operate daily using their best judgment and following their company's policies.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell on Wine Glass Selection

Network engineer Jeffrey Pell, is also an amateur wine connoisseur in Pennsylvania. He and his wife enjoy trying new wines from around the world whenever they can. When they first began their exploration of wine and wine culture, they were overwhelmed by the information that is available. This is something that happens to many people who are new to the wine world. Choosing the proper wine glass was something that became both silly and vexing to the couple. This quandary affects many freshman wine enthusiasts, but Pell realizes now that the answer is very simple.

Realistically, any vessel that holds wine is a great choice, as long as the person is able to enjoy their chosen vintage. There are some people who prefer a specific type of glass over another, while others could care less about their drink ware. Some people, oddly enough, even prefer to drink wine from plastic cups. The choice of glass or cup is completely dependent upon the drinker. This is a good thing, because it alleviates some of the pressure that a new wine drinker may feel when starting to explore the wine world.

With that being said, there are glasses that are created specifically for certain types of wines. For example, champagne is often served in a flute, and dessert wines are served in a glass that is smaller than the average serving glass. The shape and style of the glass will have an impact on the drinker's overall experience. This is due to the fact that the glass is designed a certain way to showcase the wine at its best. The aroma from a red wine may be different in each glass style you select.

No matter what your favorite wine is, the bottle you reach for at the end of a day's work, you should have a wine glass on hand that you are comfortable with. Some of Pell's own parameters for a comfortable wine glass include the glass's size, color, shape, price, and stem length. He believes that a good wine glass will hold at least twenty ounces of wine. This does not mean that he is pouring that much at once, but instead is giving his smaller pours a chance to breathe in the open space. Jeffrey Pell believes that his ideal wine glass is clear, so he can appreciate the wine's color, and also that it is slightly curved at the top to allow the aromas to concentrate. He says the stem should be long enough to hold the glass comfortably. No one wants to feel that their fingers are smashed when drinking their wine. Lastly, the glass should not be too expensive, after all, accidents do happen after a few glasses.

Jeffrey Pell Explores German Wines

When network engineer Jeffrey Pell discusses wine with his friends, he finds that many people are intimidated by German wines. Pell happens to be a big fan of the many different styles of wine produced in Germany. He makes an effort to educate others about the different varieties and their characteristics. Especially well known for their sweet flavors, many German wines are ideal as after dinner or dessert accompaniments.

Pell says that much of what deters wine buyers from selecting a German wine is their inability to read the label. German is not as widely spoken as a second language in the United States, and a wine label that is covered in large German words is a turnoff to many buyers. The good news is that you do not have to be fluent in German to decipher what your label says, you only need to know a few key words. German wine labels are actually more descriptive than labels from other countries. If you know what phrases and words to look for, you can find everything from the producer and the vintage to even the name of the grape used.

If a German wine label reads Kabinett, this means that the grape variety was newly ripe, and only a little sweet. These wines are good to accompany lighter dishes. Labels that promote themselves as Auslese are more mature and sweeter. These wines work with meaty or game inspired dishes as well as with fruit desserts, according to Jeffrey Pell.

Jeffrey Pell and Walleye Fishing in Pennsylvania

Fishing for Walleye is one of Jeffrey Pell's many hobbies in Pennsylvania. Walleye is a freshwater fish that originated in the Eastern states but has since spread to lakes and rivers around the country.

Many people enjoy Walleye fishing because it is exciting, and also because Walleye are a delicious white meat fish. Most Walleye are found in deeper waters, especially those with sandy or rocky bottoms. One of the other reasons that fishermen like to go after Walleye is that they are largely indiscriminate about bait. A Walleye will eat just about anything that it can fit into its mouth, including small fish, worms, and small crustaceans.

Like most fish, Walleye prefer the cooler weather and the colder waters, which means that they hide below the thermal plane during the heat of the day. Most Pennsylvania fisherman find Walleye to be most active between sundown and midnight, when the waters are starting to cool off from the sun's rays. If you have access to a dock near deep river water, you can fish for Walleye from the shore. Others find the deepest waters by boat, and many believe that trolling works well to attract the Walleye's attention.

During the springtime, the Walleye will be looking for areas to spawn. This means that they will often move to more shallow areas. Jeffrey Pell recommends the use of plastic worms and small jigs during these times of year when they are trying to lay their eggs in clear waters in Pennsylvania.

Jeffrey Pell

Eight Reasons Why Some Children Don’t Get Along With Their Parents

Jeffrey Pell

Growing up your mom and dad are your family, they are with you every day and go through every phase of life with you. Of course there are problems in every home, but in some homes parents and the child or children do not get along. Although there could be many different reasons for this, we will take a look at eight of the more common reasons:

1. The family doesn’t spend enough quality time together- As a family you need to make sure that you are really spending time together often. This doesn’t mean watch tv or a movie together and just being in the same room together doesn’t necessarily mean quality time. You interact with each other, go to the beach and play games. Go on weekend trips with each other such as a fun camping or ski trip. Find things that you have in common that you like to enjoy together then make it a priority to do those things often.

2. Some children don’t feel like they can ask their parents for help. Growing up is tough and children need your guidance and support. If a child gets criticism rather than support when he approaches you, then they eventually they will clam up and stop talking to you about things.

3. Lack of kindness in the family. This doesn’t just mean between parents and children but everyone in the family, including parents with each other. If mom and dad are always arguing with each other and showing disrespect towards one another, that is the example that you are setting for children and they will often follow your lead.

4. Unpleasant family life. If you grow up in a “high conflict home” with everyone arguing all the time it leads to unpredictability and lack of structure both things that are generally needed for happy children.

5. Parents lead with discipline. Although children do need discipline, if you lead with that rather than being flexible, affectionate and treating them like individuals it can have the opposite result of what you were hoping for.

6. High expectations for children. Sometimes kids aren’t what their parents expected them to be, and may have completely different personalities of their parents. You have to see your children for who they are and not what you want them to be. They will sense this and react with anger and they will disconnect.

7. Parents should focus on strengths rather than what they feel their child’s weakness is. This will give your child validation and they will want to do better. Let your child know that you appreciate them on a daily basis.

8. Parents should get to know their children better. They should really try to figure what the child needs and what them special and unique and help expand those qualities.

Both parenting and growing up are hard but people try to dig a little deeper and try to accept and understand each other, we could solve problems before they start. Jeffrey Pell overcame an adverse family situation and is now a successful information technology professional.

Food and Wine Pairings

Food and wine pairing is about combining certain elements such as texture and flavor and getting them to interact. There are several different approached to this art form, which is one of the interests of Jeffrey Pell.

When it comes to food and wine pairing, there are some simple guidelines to follow but you should always drink the wine that you prefer. If you do stick to some simple rules, it can make your dining experience much more enjoyable. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your next diner party, wine tasting or when dining at your favorite restaurant.

Try to keep flavors balanced, pair mild and lighter foods with milder wines. Pair big, bold foods with big bold wines. For example if you are having steak for dinner, you will want to pair it with a bold cabernet or a robust, red zinfandel. If you are having a dish with a cream sauce, pair it with an oaky chardonnay. Pinot Noir is a light bodied red that goes perfect with earthy flavors like mushrooms. Since champagne has a touch of sweetness, it goes well with anything salty. Almost all cheeses pair well with a dry rose, with its acidity and fruit character. You want to match light seafood dishes with a delicate wine such as a Pinot Grigio. Spicy dishes should be paired with a Syrah, sweet-spicy barbeque goes well with a Malbec, Rieslings with Asian food and desserts are best with a sweet sparkling wine. If you are ever in doubt about which wine will go with what, try to pair the food and wine that are from the same region such as Italian with Italian.

You will want to cleanse your palate with acids or tannins. Tannins can come from the wood barrels that they were aged in or from the skins of grapes. It cleanses the palate of a meal after a rich, fatty meal such as steak. If you are eating a very fatty food such as a cream sauce or fried chicken, it should be paired with a white crisp, acidic wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc.
Although these rules are recommendations to help enhance your dining experience, it is important to drink and eat what you like and what makes you happy. As long as it makes your meal enjoyable to you, than I say it is the perfect pair.

Jeffrey Pell is a food and wine enthusiast. When he is not working, he loves to take his wife to a nice dinner, paired with a fabulous bottle of wine.

Jeffrey Pell

Dog Training Tips

Your dog wants to fit into your household and wants to have your approval but before it can do that, your dog needs to know what is expected.

  1. Toilet training- This can be a stressful time for everyone but for obvious reasons a necessity. However, if you use the right techniques, you will have a good outcome. Start when your puppy is three to four months old. Start by confining the puppy to a restricted area as your dog learns to go outside, you can gradually expand the area. Make sure your dog has regular mealtimes, you should take your dog out frequently and also give your pup praise for successes.
  2. Obedience Training- Teaching your dog to be obedient is a must. You want to be able to enjoy your dog and your dog to be a joy to others, not a pain. At the minimum, you should train your dog the following commands. Teaching your dog to sit helps you keep control of your dog. Stay helps your dog remain calm and in one spot. Heel teaches your dog to remain close to you. Come, teaches your dog to come to you on command which could potentially save your pup from harm. Use positive reinforcement to reward your dog for good behavior rather than punishing for bad behavior.
  3. If you teach your dog obedience and behavior, it will make for a much happier home for everyone.

Jeffrey Pell loves dogs of all sizes and has dogs of his own.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell - Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in 1885. It is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally intended to be a mechanical engineering school as part of reconstruction plans post-Civil War. By 1948, the school had expanded and had added more curriculum and had evolved into a technical institute and research university. Georgia Tech today has an emphasis on science and technology and is organized into six colleges with about thirty-one departments. Georgia Tech is highly respected internationally for its engineer and business programs and is ranked 36th in the U.S. New & World Report rankings and ranked 7th among all public national universities.

Student athletics are a big part of student and alumni life and the campus was even the site for a number of events for the 1996 Summer Olympics. The school has many competitive sports teams including four-time national football team the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech established its name in 1948 to reflect the focus on advanced technology and scientific research. It is a public institution unlike most similarly named universities. Although women could not enroll in every program at Tech until 1968, Tech admitted female students to classes in 1952. Georgia Tech was also the first university in the South to desegregate without an order from the court. Today Tech is part of the Association of American Universities and has a massive online degree program in computer science.

Jeffrey Pell is an information technology professional and a Georgia Institute of Technology alumni.

Successfully Navigated Challenges of Jeffrey Pell

Information Technology professional Jeffrey Pell has acted as leader and initiator for a $400K merger project which involved multiple sites and domains. Acting autonomously, Pell instituted VMware VSphere servers in this project and merged all users into one domain across 3 structures. Pell has also successfully relocated a data center with no unplanned outage. In the reimagining of this global company’s computing needs, Pell created a disaster recovery plan which included a design layout, a password bible and a detailed documentation book. Of special interest is Pell’s integrated work with the company’s technology staff to guarantee a smooth transition into the new technology infrastructure.

As an information technology professional currently working out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jeffrey Pell provides regular technological support for his clients, diagnosing problems and analyzing systems for issues which have not yet manifested. Pell can beef up system security through innovative logon procedures and scripts, and performs effective upgrades for a variety of domain controllers and VMware servers. Pell also installs and maintains Linux and Windows-based systems, along with instituting support and optimizing performance. Pell often creates sample environments to evaluate the impacts of new computing systems before actual implementation. Pell provides a complete spectrum of technology service and support backed up by a depth of experience and education not found in average technology consultation advisors.

Jeffrey Pell, an information technology consultant with multiple certifications to work in a variety of computing applications and technologies, is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Pell did not always enjoy the success and satisfaction of a job well-done which he realizes each day as an experienced and educated network systems engineer. A troubled and restive youth, Pell may have inadvertently benefited from leaving his family’s home to live with a friend named Brad. Brad utilized computer internet access, and Pell gained his first knowledge of computing and its capabilities there. After making an online relationship, Pell relocated to Georgia, where he enrolled in the Georgia Institute of Technology to study computers and computing.

Jeffrey Pell found during his studies at Georgia Institute of Technology that he has an extremely analytical mind, the skill of visualizing and articulating what he has envisioned. Pell is able to conceptualize problems and solve them through decision-making which utilize available information. Pell can apply logical thinking to the conundrum of complex problems, splitting them into different parts. Pell would agree with the statement of Richards J. Heuer regarding analytical thinking: "Thinking analytically is a skill like carpentry or driving a car. It can be taught, it can be learned, and it can improve with practice. But like many other skills, such as riding a bike, it is not learned by sitting in a classroom and being told how to do it. Analysts learn by doing."

Jeffrey Pell is a Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer

Jeffrey Pell has achieved Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status as part of his qualifications as a Network Systems Engineer Consultant out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The MCSE is granted for a variety of skills, including work with Data Platforms, Server Infrastructure, for qualification in the Messaging-Exchange Server 2016 field, for Messaging, Communication, Private Cloud knowledge and mastered knowledge in SharePoint 2016 Administrator and the SharePoint 2013 Administrator areas. The myriad of skills and abilities attested to by the professional certifications from Microsoft approve proficiency with Microsoft products, including the MCSA (Solutions Associate), the MCSE (Solutions Expert) and the MCSD (Solutions Developer). One or more successfully passed exams are required to gain each of this group of certifications.

Jeffrey Pell prides himself on his deep experience and education in Microsoft products, including his expertise in the Microsoft Private Cloud technologies. Using the Windows Server and the System Center, Pell’s clients may opt to build a private cloud solution through Microsoft professional protocols and systems which will optimize information technology delivery. The Microsoft Private Cloud technology solutions help clients gain the speed of automation and flexibility needed to render their businesses cutting edge now and in the future. Consultant Pell works with the client as a member of his business team, to establish the network system which will best benefit the client.

Network Systems Engineer and Technical Consultant Jeffrey Pell of Allentown, Pennsylvania may be qualified through the Private Cloud certification of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer qualification to work as a server administrator, a systems programmer, or a network manager.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell Passes Multiple Exams to Gain Valuable Certifications

To gain certifications such as the MCSA, the MCITP or senior certifications, computing students like Jeffrey Pell must pass the Solutions Expert Private Cloud exam 410, exam 411 for Administering Windows Server 2012, and Exam 412 for Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 work. Once these are successfully completed, the student has earned his or her Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) qualification and Windows Server 2012 credentials. Courses and exams in Monitoring and Operating a Private Cloud and Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud are also available. Consultants who are qualified as Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP) and/or Enterprise Administrators MCITP: Server Administrator may earn certifications in Private Cloud computing by successfully passing exams for the Private Cloud information courses listed above. It will be necessary to complete a recertification exam every three years to remain credentialed for the Microsoft Private Cloud qualifications.

The VMware Professional 5 certification is also one of the credentials of Jeffrey Pell, Network and Systems Engineer and Technical Consultant in information technology out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. The VMware Certified Associate, also known as the VCA, is the entry certification for VMware’s cloud and virtualization products. The Certified Associate exam for VMware requires an understanding of basic virtualization technology and a demonstration of application of that knowledge to VMware products. This credential has distinct components: cloud, data center virtualization, end-user computing and network virtualization. The VMware Certified Associate exam has 50 multiple choice questions with a deadline of 75 minutes. While the Certified Associate exam does not require a training course to be taken, the VMware Certified Professional 5 credential held by Pell does require training education through courses.

Jeffrey Pell

Jeffrey Pell Hails from Allentown, or Allen town

Information technology specialist Jeffrey Pell was born and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania in LeHigh County, Pennsylvania in the United States. Allentown today is Pennsylvania’s third largest city, and is a part of the New York City Metropolitan area. In 2012, Allentown celebrated 250 years since its founding in 1762. In the early 1700’s, the region which came to be Allentown was little more than scrub oak, a wild place where roaming Native Americans fished and hunted for deer and grouse. That began to change in 1736 when the five great Indian nations of the time deeded a large area which included present-day Allentown to the sons of William Penn, an original Quaker settler of Pennsylvania. The Penn sons paid shoes and buckles, hats and shirts, knives, scissors, combs, needles, looking glasses, rum and pipes to the Native Americans for the land. William Allen subsequently bought the Allentown 5,000-acre parcel from his business partner Joseph Turner.

The center of Allentown today reveals many streets to modern residents like Jeffrey Pell which are named for founder William Allen’s children; Margaret, William, James, Ann and John. The main street is named for Allen himself, Allen Street. Allen’s son James built a summer home which is now known as Trout Hall in 1770, and it is now the oldest structure in Allentown. With 330 residents in 1774, Allentown entered the era of the American Revolution, when the colonial British government broke down. Local residents found themselves compelled to create militias and supply food, grain, cattle, horses and cloth for the defense of the town.,_Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Pell