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Forest Hills, New York, Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin

About Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney

For over 17 years, lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin has advocated for consumers and businesspeople as an attorney and litigator. Based in Forest Hills, New York, he counsels plaintiffs in individual and class action lawsuits. Trained in consumer fraud and commercial litigation, Jeffrey Benjamin counts foreclosure defense, business divorces, Ponzi schemes, real estate malfeasance, and banking fraud among primary practice areas. Before starting his firm, he earned a juris doctor from Thomas Cooley Law School and served as an associate at law firms in Manhattan and Chicago. To conduct a free initial phone consultation with the attorney, visit

Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin accepts a limited number of cases in order to dedicate the firm's resources to each of his clients. This commitment has provided him with several notable court victories, such as in the summer of 2010 when he obtained back-to-back jury verdicts. The first involved a contractor being sued by another contractor. The second, Weidler v. Coluzzi, involved an unprecedented verdict for woman who was defrauded by her real estate broker and lawyer.

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