Jeffrey Finegan

Jeffrey Finegan Gives Back to His Pennsylvania Community

Since 2013, Jeffrey Finegan of Pennsylvania has assisted on an almost-daily basis with the humanitarian work of Safe Harbor Easton, an emergency and short-term transitional shelter that also provides meals for adults with low incomes during daytime hours. Jeffrey Finegan finds volunteering at a homeless shelter a fulfilling way to give back to his community and values the opportunity to support the organization in its vital mission.

Outside of his volunteer work, Jeffrey Finegan maintains an active and healthy lifestyle that includes lifting weights, running, and playing golf. In the latter sport, he focuses particularly on enhancing his mental stamina to improve his overall play. He also indulges in his favorite pastime of cooking, striving to interpret recipes in varying ways. A self-described “voracious reader,” Mr. Finegan often finds himself concurrently reading multiple accounts of American colonial history. However, he also enjoys learning about the histories of other cultures, especially through his travels to such European cities as Florence and Paris.