Experienced Healthcare Executive Jeffrey Goffman

Jeffrey Goffman has more than two decades of experience as a leader at healthcare organizations operating in both the public and private sectors. He currently leads the Integrated Oncology Network as chairman and chief executive officer, a leadership role he has occupied since establishing the organization in 2009. Jeffrey Goffman additionally serves ACK Capital Partners, LLC, as a managing partner and as co-founder and board director with Affiliated PET Systems, LLC. The latter, a privately held positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) organization, hosts outpatient centers at Adventist Hospital and Holy Cross Hospital, both located in Maryland.

Jeffrey Goffman studied accounting at the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut, graduating with a bachelor of science. Beyond his many professional obligations, he likes to stay physically active by practicing yoga. An avid sports enthusiast, he also spends time following a number of professional teams based out of New York. Some of his favorite teams include the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) New York Knicks, the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL), the New York Rangers hockey team, and the New York Yankees.

Eli Manning Emerges as Dark Horse MVP Candidate

Jeffrey Goffman is the chairman and CEO of Integrated Oncology Network, LLC, and serves as a board member of the Wings for Crossover organization, which is devoted to saving the lives of children in Ghana. Outside his professional life and philanthropic pursuits, Jeffrey Goffman is an avid fan of the New York Giants.

Training camp is just around the corner, and some experts believe that Eli Manning has the potential for an MVP caliber season in 2016.

Manning has a fully loaded arsenal of receivers at his disposal this season, provided they can stay healthy. Odell Beckham, Jr., and Victor Cruz have built rapport with Manning over the years and have both experienced great success when healthy. Highly touted rookie Sterling Shepard appears to be shining in camp, as well.

NFL Network analyst James Duke believes these weapons give Manning the potential to be an MVP candidate this season. If Manning were to win the award, he would be the first Giant to receive the honor since linebacker Lawrence Taylor was named MVP 30 years ago.

The Giants open their preseason on August 12 against the Miami Dolphins.

The Rich Championship History of the New York Yankees

Jeffrey Goffman has served as chairman and chief executive officer of Integrated Oncology Network since 2009. He also holds board positions with organizations such as Wings for Crossover and CureDuchenne. Away from work, Jeffrey Goffman enjoys supporting New York sports teams, including the Yankees.

When taking into account North America’s four major professional sports leagues, no team has won more championships than the New York Yankees. The Yankees, then known as the Highlanders, joined Major League Baseball (MLB) in 1903. After failing to advance to the World Series in 18 consecutive seasons, it made three successive trips, winning in its third try in 1923. Another World Series three World Series visits from 1926 to 1928 resulted in two additional titles.

The first Yankees dynasty began in 1936, a season that marked the first of four straight World Series titles. New York failed to reach the championship round in 1940 before contesting three more World Series, winning two. By 1950, the Yankees owned 12 World Series championships, but the success had only just begun.

From 1949 through 1953 the Yankees won five World Series in a row, a feat so far unmatched throughout MLB history. In total, the team appeared in 15 of 18 World Series between 1947 and 1964, posting a 10-5 record. Back-to-back titles came again in 1977 and 1978. Following an uncharacteristic postseason drought of 13 years, the Yankees returned to dominance with four World Series victories from 1996 through 2000. The team’s most recent win came in 2009.